Cybiant to host the first Enterprise Big Data Analyst virtual course

INTRODUCTION What benefits can your organization achieve with Big Data? How to spot patterns in large quantities of enterprise data to improve performance and find underlying pattern that can benefit the organization? How can enterprises obtain a competitive advantage with Big Data? The Enterprise Big Data Analyst (EBDA) course discusses the theoretical concepts of Big Data and subsequently applies this knowledge to a real-world case study. The Big Data Framework provides a holistic and compressive [...]

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The Next Level of the Enterprise Big Data Framework now available

Great news for the Enterprise Big Data Professional certified professionals! The wait is over, the second level of the Big Data Framework is finally here! The Enterprise Big Data Analyst qualification builds upon the first level of the Big Data Framework qualification scheme Enterprise Big Data Professional® in which fundamental knowledge and elementary concepts related to Big Data were covered. With the EBDA® certification, you can improve your credibility and knowledge in [...]

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Decision Trees: A powerful and intuitive process to predict churn

Download full case study Decision Trees: A powerful and intuitive process to predict churn (Case Study) There are many techniques available for the analysis of large-scale data. Churn-data of Telco companies can be analysed in various ways. Some focus on understanding the key characteristics of customers who will end their contract in the near future. Others concentrate more on predicting as precisely as possible which customers are expected to churn. The drawback [...]

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New Case Study: Predicting Customer Churn in Power BI

Introduction Modern Telco companies gather lots of data on their customers. Varying from their gender to their monthly payments to the type of contract they have. One aspect that is especially important to keep track of is the group of customers that ends or will end their contract soon. Cybiant can help Telco companies to obtain valuable insights on how to identify customers that are likely to end their contract and to find which factors [...]

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An Introduction to the Hadoop Ecosystem

An Introduction to the Hadoop Ecosystem Everyone who is learning more about Big Data will, within a short period of time, encounter the Hadoop software framework. When I first encountered it, I found the ecosystem (all with highly interesting names) very elaborate, yet at the same time confusing. The many components (or to stick to Apache terminology ‘related projects’) sometimes add to the confusion, because each of the ‘related project’ has different focus or [...]

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