• SEPTEMBER 3, 2020

  • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM SGT

As Public-Private-Partnerships schemes for the procurement of public infrastructure are growing quickly growing in popularity in Asia-Pacific, many governments are faced with the question how to professionalize their PPP Units or PPP Knowledge Hubs.

Because of the long-term nature (and corresponding risks) of PPP projects, it is crucial that a sound framework drives the selection, appraisal and tender phases of PPP projects. This requires knowledge and experience of PPP professionals, as well as a sound understanding of the market conditions and financial markets. So how can governments improve their capabilities in a structured and efficient way?

In this webinar, Cybiant will provide an overview of their Public-Private-Partnership Maturity Index® (PPPMI). Developed by Cybiant, the PPP Maturity Index uses the CP3P certification as a knowledge base and provides an assessment that measures PPP framework maturity, breaking them down in critical capabilities that are required to improve PPP success. We will showcase which critical capabilities are required, and how they can be translated into structure improvement programs.

This webinar is hosted jointly by APMG-International and Cybiant. APMG-International developed the CP3P Certification framework in collaboration with the World Bank. Cybiant was the first accredited PPP training provider in Asia, and has certified hundreds of individuals in PPP Best Practices.

This session will cover:
– 45 minutes webinar
– 15 minutes Q&A

More information about Public Private Partnerships you can find here.


Jan-Willem MiddelburgCEO Cybiant

MK ChoongRegional Manager APMG International for the ASEAN and Japan region