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Cybiant excels at helping businesses to win in the data economy.

Cybiant was founded on the belief that we can make a more sustainable world for the Next Generation through Big Data and Automation. We help to change the world – one day at a time – by helping governments, corporations and individuals make better decisions. No matter where you are in your journey, we can help you towards a data-driven organization.

The world is currently amidst a technological transformation that is fundamentally changing the way we live and work. At any given minute in the world, people and machines generate terabytes of data that are stored at various locations across the world. And this is not expected to stop anytime in the near future. All this data contains a wealth of information, that most organisations only have just begun to discover.

Data contains patterns about quality, pricing and personal preferences. Most organisations are now increasing their focus on developing analytics capabilities by investing in high-tech scalable infrastructure and quality education. In order to stay competitive, now more than ever, the need for data driven decision making becomes inevitable. At Cybiant, we assist companies with the inevitable Digital Transformation.

Cybiant was founded to change the world, one day at a time, by making governments, corporations and individuals take better decisions.

Our strategy is based on two concepts. Although these concepts are easy to understand, our experience has taught us that they are crucial for digital transformation in any organization.

First, we use our automation best practices to streamline operational processes and functions, which traditionally consume a great amount of time. Through RPA and Service Automation, we are able to reduce workloads and design cost-efficient and compliant processes.

Secondly, we use our capabilities in Advanced Analytics and Big Data to help organisations make better decisions. Our algorithms and data scientists unearth patterns that lead to more sustainable decisions and insights.

Our company was founded upon the belief that we can make a more sustainable world for the Next Generation through the data, automation and IT Best Practices.

Founded and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Cybiant now operates across the world and has assisted organizations on all continents. Cybiant is internationally recognized for its thought leadership, and has contributed to the establishment of automation and big data best practices, many of whom are now used as standards by companies across the world. Our knowledge transfer methods are renowned, and have certified more than 10.000 industry professional in next generation IT standards and corresponding technology.

Innovative. We focus on the future and strive for new ideas, fuelling and redefining the standard of excellence in everything we do. Exceptional. We keep the highest standards in quality and service delivery to ensure all our stakeholders have an exceptional experience. Collaborators. We believe in the power of collaboration, partnerships and teamwork. Honest. We believe that, to be truly successful we must be open, fair and honest at all times.

What Customers Say About Cybiant

At Cybiant, we value long-lasting relationships with our customers and we are fully dedicated to keeping their trust by keeping track of the latest Next Generation Technology. Read some of our customer testimonials below:

The knowledge of the Cybiant consultants is above expectation. We had a great couple of days in training, and the instructor greatly helped me to learn the vast amount of knowledge in a short period of time. I also passed my examination with a very high score, so I would definitely recommend Cybiant to anyone who is looking for Big Data training and certification.

Benjamin Xu, Star Group

We worked together with Cybiant to develop an Automation and Big Data training program for our organization. Cybiant did an excellent job in incorporating our learning objectives in the course, and tailoring common course content to match our requirements. We incorporated the course into Learning Management System and have trained 150 across the globe so far.

Willemien Janssen, Insurance Industry

Our organization conducted a Big Data Maturity Assessment at the beginning of the year. Cybiant’s approach is straightforward and easy to understand. They provided us with a valuable report on the status of our Big Data Architecture, Data Managements systems and internal skills and capabilities. This really opened the eyes in our organization.

Mohammed Hafiz, CGEIT Malaysia