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Why we founded Cybiant

Almost everyone on the planet agrees that Big Data is changing the world at an unprecedented pace. Data and algorithms decide what news we see, who we should meet and what products we should buy. Data makes our lives easier to organize, and step-by-step we are getting more in control. We can compare products, services and employers. We can read reviews, provide feedback and form our own opinions. Data makes our life more open and more free than ever before. And we are just at the very early beginning. We are just starting to explore the possibilities of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Although it is now still primarily in the domain of large enterprises, practical applications of these technologies will soon be available to all.

The fear of the unknown makes people take decisions that are not in line with the factual data. That is why we founded Cybiant. We believe that in the long run, data driven decisions are fundamentally better and can help to solve many of the world’s most pressing problems.


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