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Decision Tree: A powerful and intuitive process to predict churn

Download full case study Decision Tree: A powerful and intuitive process to predict churn (Case Study) There are many techniques available for the analysis of large-scale data. Churn-data of Telco companies can be analysed in various ways. Some focus on understanding the key characteristics of customers who will end their contract in the near future. Others concentrate more on predicting as precisely as possible which customers are expected to churn. The drawback of the second group of methods is that they are often very complex and not easy to follow for people without a data-science background. We believe decision trees fit perfectly in between these two groups. It gives possible to predict churn for large-scale data, with many different attributes. Furthermore, it can be visualized as a tree, which displays very clearly how the is built and how it is used to make predictions. An example of a decision tree for a sample dataset of a Telco company is displayed below. The target variable of this tree is customer churn. The tree can be seen as a kind of flow-chart, you start at the top and follow some questions to end up in a certain bucket at the bottom. The tree could be followed manually, such that each customer could be placed in one of the buckets. The splits in the tree [...]

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Free White Paper: Agile Wars – And How to Avoid Them

Download Full White Paper Free White Paper: Agile Wars - And How to Avoid Them 1. Background At the heart of Agile, we value “individuals and interactions above processes and tools”. And yet for many years, the various Agile approaches appear to have been at war with one another. All too often, Agile is offered as a binary choice (“you are either agile or notagile”), together with the recommendation that one Agile approach (usually the one being “sold in”) is all you need. I have also often seen a move to oust the established Agile approach with different flavour of Agile, regardless of how well the incumbent Agile approach is working – a “My Agile is better than yours” mentality. This all seems a long way from our original intention that Agile should be a collaborative, cooperative (and pragmatic) approach, targeted at delivering the best solution for the customer. 2. A Different Way of Thinking Let’s look at this from a different starting point. Why would you limit your choice to a single Agile approach, when there is an opportunity to create a “best of breed” for your organisation by blending Agile approaches together? Every organisation is unique, although there will always be groups of organisations which face similar issues. So it is unlikely that the same single Agile approach will be equally suitable [...]

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Free White Paper: How to Conduct a Big Data Maturity Assessment

Free White Paper: How to Conduct a Big Data Maturity Assessment? The Big Data Maturity assessment is a model that help measure data maturity within an organisation or company. The model helps organisations structure their goals and processes around their Big Data capabilities and aid in realising business objectives. The stages in a BDM assessment depict the various ways in which data can be used in an organization and is one of the key tools to monitor the progress of an organization’s big data initiatives. As organizations feel pressure to gain competitive advantage, retaining their market position, identifying ways of cutting costs, improving quality, reducing time to market, the need to invent or reinvent new products and services becomes increasingly important. This is why maturity assessments can be critical to a business's strategy. Most organizations are aware that Big Data provides long-term value to their organization. But where do you start? In order to be successful with data, there is more required than just technology. Architecture, processes and, maybe most importantly, skills are critical to achieve long-term success. In this white paper, we will discuss the steps to conduct a BDM assessment, based on the capability model of the Enterprise Big Data Framework. It will show the structure of the framework, and how you can measure maturity in your organization.  The Big [...]

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