Year End Promotion – 20% Off All Training Courses

News | Year End Promotion: 20% Off All Courses Year End Promotion! - The end of 2019 is near – which means its festive season! To share some festive spirit, we’re running a special promotion until the end of 2019 which gives 20% off all our courses. This code can be applied to any courses running until March of 2020. This means that if you purchase any course before the end of [...]

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Enterprise Big Data Analyst Launch Event APMG-International

Enterprise Big Data Analyst Launch Event With APMG-International Cybiant is excited to announce that on the 1st of November, the Enterprise Big Data Analyst certification has been launched. The EBDA certification is the second level of the Big Data Framework. Since the launch of the Enterprise Big Data Framework in 2018, more than 1000 people have been certified and the education program has been adopted by rapidly across the globe. During [...]

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Jom Latih Seminar: HRDF Blog

How the HRDF Event Encourages Collaborative Learning On the 22nd of October, Cybiant attended the Human Resources Development Fund in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The HRDF is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia and is responsible for catalysing the development of current and future innovations to support Malaysia’s vision of becoming a high-income country. HRDF provides training and up-skilling interventions to important strategic industries in Malaysia with the objective of keeping [...]

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Why We Founded Cybiant

Why We Founded Cybiant Almost everyone on the planet agrees that Big Data is changing the world at an unprecedented pace. Data and algorithms decide what news we see, who we should meet and what products we should buy. Data makes our lives easier to organize, and step-by-step we are getting more in control. We can compare products, services and employers. We can read reviews, provide feedback and form our own opinions. Data [...]

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