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Cybiant launches the ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification Program

Cybiant is now an Accredited Training Provider for the ISACA Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification Program. Partnership for increasing expertise in Cybersecurity for organizations in APAC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – May 9, 2022 – In early 2022, Cybiant has signed the agreement with ISACA to become one of the Accredited Training Organizations of ISACA for the Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification Program. This collaboration, will enable Cybiant to further increase the firm’s capabilities and capacity in the knowledge domain of Cybersecurity to train, advise and consult organizations about cyberthreats and how to prevent them. ISACA, which is short for Information Systems Audit and Control Association, is an international professional association focused on IT (information technology) governance. ISACA got its start in 1967 when a small group of individuals with similar jobs auditing controls in computer systems that were becoming increasingly important to their organizations’ operations. Fast forward to today, ISACA has more than 150,000 members globally and their certifications, research, guidance and credentials are accepted by organizations internationally. ISACA’s programs cover a variety of knowledge and best practices in the area of IS/IT audit, security and governance. One of the widely adopted cybersecurity certification programs globally is the Cybersecurity Fundamentals by ISACA. Created by the industry’s leading minds, the certification program offers practical guidance for IT professionals to build their knowledge of cybersecurity, by covering introductory concepts [...]

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Introducing Captain Cybiant

Introducing the superhero in Cybiant company - Captain Cybiant Brands are built on recognition. And recognition is created by symbols, that represent what the company stands for. At Cybiant, it is our mission to help organizations win in the data economy. And in order to visualize this, and represent what our organization stands for, I am extremely pleased to introduce our symbol on our journey to achieve this mission: Captain Cybiant. Figure 1: Full image for front, side and back view of Captain Cybiant Over the last three months, our team has been brainstorming, designing and redesigning imagery, until we found a figure that touches upon all the aspects that we want to represent as a company. We ended up with choosing a superhero, because in order to win in the data economy, most organizations need some form of superpower to accomplish their goals. With Captain Cybiant, we provide organizations with the power to transform their companies. The superpower that Captain Cybiant has (compared to us ordinary citizens) is that it can extract, read, transform and analyze data to predict the future. This superpower is represented by the big chip that you can see well displayed on Captain Cybiant. This superpower represents the tools that our company uses in the process. At Cybiant, we use data, automation and algorithms to [...]

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Webinar: Establishing the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Framework

WEBINAR: ESTABLISHING THE PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP (PPP) FRAMEWORK How to tackle complexity in PPP projects? When working with something that is complex just like the Public-Private Partnership scheme, what is needed is structure, and one way to establish structure is by putting in place a framework. A framework can help organizations or teams to work in full compliance with standardized best practices or guidelines that is structured. A PPP framework is best understood as the established procedures, rules and institutional responsibilities that determine how the government selects, implements and manages PPP projects. Although some PPPs can also be implemented on a one-off basis without any specific framework. However, most PPPs are technically complex, involving numerous stakeholders, each with conflicting objectives, which requires a well-designed PPP framework to ensure that the objectives of the public and private sector are aligned and procedures, rules and good PPP practices can be established. If you need more information, feel free to contact us at or chat with us on our website. You may also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates! LEARNING OBJECTIVES In this webinar, we will learn from one of the first PPP accredited trainers in APAC Jan-Willem Middelburg about the PPP framework. The topics that will be covered are: Why do we need a PPP Framework? The value of [...]

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Webinar: Introduction to Scrum

WEBINAR: INTRODUCTION TO SCRUM Most popular Agile Frameworks – Scrum In the last webinar. where we discussed the concept of Agile, we have also briefly introduced one of the most popular Agile Frameworks – Scrum. Scrum is considered as the lightweight agile framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems. Many companies have adopted the framework to effectively manage smaller scale projects and develop new products faster and more efficiently. In the early years, Scrum is most frequently used by software development teams, but in recent years, it has been widely adopted in many other non-IT or software related projects. Scrum is a relatively simple Agile framework, but when applied effectively it can bring tremendous value for the team or organization. In this 40-minutes webinar, we will share with you some of the key topics about Scrum, such as: What is Scrum? The core concept of Scrum The Scrum roles How Scrum can benefit you team or organization How Scrum can be used If you need more information, feel free to contact us at or chat with us on our website. You may also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates! WEBINAR DETAILS 17th March 2022 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. Register for FREE below! [...]

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CNY Prosperity Bundle!

Chinese New Year Promotion: Save more with prosperity bundle! In recent years, employers are increasingly seeking for digitally savvy workers. Without a doubt, your willingness to learn is what gives you a leg up in today's market. So, why not start with a "New Year, New Me" - upskilling yourself this lunar new year? To the new beginnings of this Tiger year, Cybiant is delighted to launch its Prosperity Bundle campaign. Enjoy a bundled fee with a 15% off on the course fee on a few selected courses from us! More importantly, the bundled course can be shared with others. So don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab the best new year deals! Start setting up your training plans and enhance your career skill with Cybiant! The following terms and conditions apply: The discount is only applicable from 21st January – 15th February 2022, for the selected courses as depicted in the overview below. The discount only applies to website registrations or direct orders placed with our account management team. The discount is only applicable to the selected bundle courses. Single course purchase is not entitled to bundle offer fee. The discount is automatically applied to your online shopping cart! Prosperity Bundle Course Bundle Price (USD) Price (MYR) ITIL® 4 Managing Professional: ITIL® 4 Foundation [...]

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Webinar: Introduction to Agile

WEBINAR: INTRODUCTION TO AGILE An introduction to Agile Today, Agile is one of the widely adopted ways of working for many organizations especially during this global pandemic as it provides business agility, help companies to respond to change and deliver faster value for the consumers or end users. Agile originated from the software development domain in early 2001. Before the Agile approach was introduced, the Waterfall approach was commonly used to manage software projects. However, developers started to experience difficulties and obstacles in managing software development projects as business needs are changing more frequently and solutions often require faster delivery. Since then, the ever-changing market demand shows no signs of slowing down. Which is why Agile has become more relevant in today’s business environment and has also quickly flourished in other non-software related industries. In this short 45-minute webinar, we will discuss a few key introductory topics of Agile such as: What is Agile? The origin of Agile The Waterfall approach vs Agile approach How it can benefit your team or your organization The Agile Frameworks and Methodologies How to get started with Agile If you need more info, feel free to contact us at or chat with us on our website. You may also subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates! WEBINAR DETAILS 5th January [...]

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Webinar: 2022 Key Technology Trends

WEBINAR: 2022 KEY TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2022 Technology Outlook – What to expect in 2022? As the year ends, Cybiant is excited to peek into next year. What key technology trends are coming, and how can you start preparing your organization to leverage these new technologies. The last two years have been dominated by the global pandemic, but as most markets are recovering, it is time to look to the future again.  As IT budgets are forecast to rise again in 2022, there will be an increased emphasis on driving digital services and providing digital-first delivery models. Automation, platforms, and intelligence will further drive this expansion, to make business more resilient to any future disruptions. With these technologies, there will be significant demand for next-generation skills and people that are able to bridge the gap between business and IT.  In this webinar, Jan-Willem Middelburg will present the Cybiant 2022 Technology Outlook. Which new technologies are relevant for business, and how can you start preparing? Which technologies can you expect to go mainstream next year? And more importantly, what should you learn?  Cybiant’s yearly Technology Outlook provides our customers and partners with an opportunity to kick-start new initiatives that drive digital transformation. All participants will get a copy of the presentation and access to the webinar recording. Don’t miss this yearly opportunity to prepare [...]

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CYBIANT 11.11 DEALS 2021

Great news because the Cybiant 11.11 deals 2021 is here! As 2021 is slowly coming to end, there is still time to follow through on your new year’s resolutions and participate in a certification program this year. Research consistently shows that upskilling yourself is critical to increasing your knowledge in a fast-pacing world and to enhancing your career prospects. To provide you with some additional incentives, Cybiant is pleased to launch the 11.11 campaign this year, with additional discounts on popular training programs. Don’t miss this opportunity to register yourself and obtain a certification from one of the worlds’ leading exam institutes. The list below is a selection of courses for which the 30% discount applies and is applicable from November 5th – November 12th as part of our 11.11 promotion. The following terms and conditions apply: The discount is only applicable from November 5th – November 12th for the selected courses as depicted in the overview below. The discount only applies for website registrations or direct orders placed with our account management team. The discount is only applicable to the selected dates as provided on this page. You cannot defer your registration to a later date. The discount is automatically applied to your online shopping cart! You can book it online, use our 24/7 chat on the website or email us at [...]

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Webinar: Introduction to the Enterprise Big Data Framework

WEBINAR: INTRODUCTION TO THE ENTERPRISE BIG DATA FRAMEWORK Join our upcoming webinar during MDEC's AI & Data Week 2021 Most organizations are aware that Big Data provides long-term value to their organization. But where to start? In order to be successful with Big Data, there is more required than just technology. Architecture, processes and, maybe most importantly, skills are critical to achieve long-term success. The Enterprise Big Data Framework provides a holistic and compressive approach for enterprises that aim to leverage the value of data in their organizations. The framework covers all the essential aspects of Big Data that are necessary to understand and analyse massive quantities of data. The topics of the framework range from the technical components of setting up a Big Data architecture towards the soft skills required to set up a Big Data center of excellence. In this webinar, the author of the framework, Jan-Willem Middelburg will help you understand more about the Enterprise Big Data Framework and help us learn: What is Big Data? What is the value of Big Data for business? How can we extract value from data? What is the Big Data Framework? And why do we need a framework? The six core capabilities of the Big Data Framework If you need more info, feel free to contact us at [...]

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Automation Days Asia 2021

Cybiant is conducting an international Virtual Conference: Automation Days Asia 2021 International virtual event for expertise sharing in automation across Asia region Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – August 20, 2021 – Cybiant, the Enterprise IT services and training provider that specialises in automation and big data solutions, is running their first ever Automation Virtual Conference in Asia. It will be held from 7th October to 8th October 2021. Automation Days Asia 2021 is a free 2-day international virtual event where automation experts and professional gather to share their expertise and opportunities presented by automation in business environments. Automations Days Asia 2021 is aiming to assist and encourage the implementation of automation across Asia via social networking, knowledge sharing and practical demonstration workshops. Latest automation topics and technologies will be brought up for discussions during this virtual conference, focused on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Service Automation. Interesting subjects such as the latest automation technology, advancement in automation and government initiatives in promoting automation adoption will be presented during the Automation Days. It will be an insightful event for professionals and organizations to witness the drastic growth of automation frameworks and applications during this autumn season. Jan-Willem Middelburg, CEO of Cybiant, states the potential impact of Automation Days Asia 2021 and the importance of establishing an automation framework within your organization. “Automation is [...]

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