DevOps and Continuous Deployment Practices enable organizations to bring their solutions to market faster, cheaper and with faster recovery from failures. Cybiant’s DevOps and Continuous Deployment services enable your organization’s transformation to leading DevOps best practices.

Every day the world is betting more connected, and service providers need to adjust their services with an increasing pace. In order to enable this transformation towards agility, DevOps and Continuous Deployment best practices provide an ideal solution for organizations that wish to integrate agile development practices with the proven controls of the operations organization.

Transforming toward a DevOps organization is, however a journey that requires effort and careful planning. It involves not only software and technology components, but – more importantly – a cultural change. In order to integrate Develop in every layer of the organization and make it the new standardized way of working, organizations need to change the way they work and re-evaluate their technology stack. DevOps and Continuous Deployment requires a holistic approach that involves people, processes and technology.

Cybiant’s DevOps and Continuous Deployment services provide the tools for a fast-track implementation of DevOps practices. Our extensive experience in the design of technology toolchains and automation, together with our globally certified DevOps training programs, will enable your organization to deliver services faster, cheaper and more secure.  Our DevOps and Continuous Deployment services can assist your organization with the implementation of DevOps, regardless of the maturity of your automated operations and processes. Whether you are exploring possibilities or already know where you stand in the journey to DevOps, our Cybiant experts are ready to help.

Jan-Willem Middelburg
Jan-Willem MiddelburgManaging Director
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Cybiant DevOps and Continuous Deployment Services

We offer the following consulting services and products in the DevOps and Continuous Deployment domain. For a tailored solution, please reach out to us directly. We are happy to help.


Case Study

We have supported successful Big Data and Automation consulting efforts across some of the world’s largest enterprise businesses. Hear from the team at Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) about their experience with the Cybiant Advisory Services team, as we performed a digital transformation project, including gap analysis and service automation design.

The Cybiant Advisory Service team realized the full benefits of automated provisioning, whilst addressing the complete end-to-end workflow, from business request to service activation, which involves technology, people, and processes. As a result, inconsistency in data entry reduced with 80%, and the deployment of new services was reduced from 6 weeks to less than 48 hours.

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DevOps and Continuous Deployment Training and Certification

In order to support our DevOps and Continuous Deployment practice, we offer the following courses and certification programs:


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