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How to Get Started with RPA in the Enterprise

This white paper offers a comprehensive and actionable guide for organizations looking to initiate their journey into Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With a focus on practical implementation, the paper covers key aspects such as RPA fundamentals, selecting suitable processes for automation, choosing the right RPA tools, and establishing an effective implementation strategy.

Delivering Business Value through IT Services

Fundamentally, if a service can be delivered at the speed, cost and quality that meets or exceeds the expectation of the customer, then the service is perceived as valuable. The only way to reach that level of service expectation, is with the use of technology and an effective operating model.


World Bank Project: PPP Capacity Building for ECOWAS

The Public Private Partnerships (PPP) scheme is an effective way of managing and promoting the cooperation between the public and private sectors for the purpose of reaching a common goal.

Using Blockchain for Education Credentialing | Cybiant

How Blockchain can transform the value of Diplomas

Diploma fraud is a as old as the ages, and in fact nothing new. Black market degrees and counterfeited diplomas have existed as far back as the 14th century. Since a recognized diploma considerably elevates a person’s status, university diplomas have valuable throughout the ages.


Auto Insurance Fraud Detection using K-NN Machine Learning

Fraud is one of the largest and most well known problems that insurers face This article focuses on claim data of a car insurance company.


Decision Trees: A Powerful and Intuitive Process to Predict Customer Churn

Telco companies will always face the challenge of retaining as many customers as possible for their company. The most important asset in this challenge is the data telco companies already have.


Agile Contract Management Workshop in Virtual Classroom

Because of the nature of agile practices, different procurement and contract management practices are required In order to manage this effectively, knowledge  about Agile terminology and an Agile Project Management Framework was required.


Agile Wars – And How to Avoid Them

For many years, the various Agile approaches appear to have been at war with one another. All too often, Agile is offered as a binary choice (“you are either agile or notagile”), together with the recommendation that one Agile approach (usually the one being “sold in”) is all you need.


Power BI: Identifying key factors determining Churn for a Telco company

Modern Telco companies gather lots of data on their customers. Varying from their gender to their monthly payments to the type of contract they have. One aspect that is especially important to keep track of is the group of customers that ends or will end their contract soon.


How to Conduct a Big Data Maturity Assessment?

The Big Data Maturity Model assists organizations to progress from an initial state of maturity, with little or no capability in Big Data and Analytics, towards total maturity. The Big Data Maturity Model guides organizations towards data driven decision making.

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