Through Service Automation and RPA Best Practices, organization can now deliver services to users instantly, 24×7 and with a better customer experience. Our Service Automation and RPA services will enable your service delivery organization for the Next Generation.

Service automation is the concept of achieving customer loyalty by the use of automated technologies and builds on large demographic and sociological trends. Automated services are now available everywhere, and frequently with the push of singly button. Our service automation services will help your organization to design, build and deliver automated services that users can access 24×7 and which can be automatically provisioned. Through automated service delivery, you can complete transform your business model and find new sources of revenue.

Service Automation is frequently used in combination with Robotic process automation (RPA). RPA enables a very high degree of automation, and can be implemented based on the designs of automated service. RPA bots remove manual repetitive tasks and lets the bots automatically execute workflow and scripts, all through a singular interface. Using RPA solutions removes the need for manual work or complex integrations with third party systems.

Cybiant is a an expert in leading digital platforms that enable digital transformation through Service Automation and RPA. Our founders where involved in the development of the Service Automation Framework, which today is the leading publication for service automation and RPA. At Cybiant, we can help you build an effective technology strategy and identify the areas you need to transform. Our professionals support organizations pick the right solution providers and partners and have the right governance to get the most out of Automation and RPA technology.

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Cybiant Service Automation and RPA Services

We offer the following consulting services and products in the Service Automation and RPA domain. For a tailored solution, please reach out to us directly. We are happy to help.


Case Study

We have supported successful Big Data and Automation consulting efforts across some of the world’s largest enterprise businesses. Hear from the team at Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) about their experience with the Cybiant Advisory Services team, as we performed a digital transformation project, including gap analysis and service automation design.

The Cybiant Advisory Service team realized the full benefits of automated provisioning, whilst addressing the complete end-to-end workflow, from business request to service activation, which involves technology, people, and processes. As a result, inconsistency in data entry reduced with 80%, and the deployment of new services was reduced from 6 weeks to less than 48 hours.

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Service Automation and RPA Training and Certification

In order to support our Service Automation and RPA practice, we offer the following courses and certification programs:


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