New Case Study: Predicting Customer Churn in Power BI

Introduction Modern Telco companies gather lots of data on their customers. Varying from their gender to their monthly payments to the type of contract they have. One aspect that is especially important to keep track of is the group of customers that ends or will end their contract soon. Cybiant can help Telco companies to obtain valuable insights on how to identify customers that are likely to end their contract and to find which factors are indicating such behaviour.  There are two ways this dataset can be used to study contract ends. The first is determining which factors are typical of customers who end their contract, the second is identifying which customers are likely to end their contract. The focus of this article is on the former.  Therefore we built a showcase model with the powerful combination of Power BI and R. We use a sample dataset of the customer-base of a telco company for our analysis. The variable of interest is ‘churn’, which has two values: ”yes” if a customer ended their contract in the last month, and “no” otherwise. There are various different characteristics of customers in the dataset which can be divided in three main categories: services that each customer signed up for, customer account information and demographic information about each customer. Figure 1: Summarizing Customer Data in [...]