Welcome to the Year of Intelligent Automation

We will always remember the year 2020 as the year that brought about epic changes due to the COVID-19. The world was shake up in a way the we have not seen before in recent history. Despite the monumental challenges in terms of healthcare, business operations and our ability to physically meet with each other, we have also seen how technology can enable us to still function as a society. Now more than ever, businesses rely on technology to get through this crisis. The reason we started Cybiant, from the very beginning, is to help governments, companies and individuals towards a more sustainable future through better decision-making. We are tremendously proud that our solutions and services help to provide better insights, better use of data and, ultimately, better decisions. Whilst we will keep continuing on this mission, we have outlined the ways in which we can assist organizations on their journey to become completely data-driven. One of our primary goals at Cybiant is to be the forerunner in the development of expertise and thought leadership in innovative technologies. It is my strong believe that knowledge and innovation will be able to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Because technology keeps evolving so rapidly, innovation projects need to be prioritised. So what would be a good focus point for 2021? From our conversations with customers, [...]

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Looking ahead at the decade of smart technology

Looking ahead at the decade of smart technology Happy New Year! I wish you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperous 2020. We find ourselves not just at the change of a new year, but of an entire new decade. A good moment to pause and reflect on the past decade and devise new plans for the future. At Cybiant, we have made ambitious plans for the start of the new decade. We will continue to strengthen our education portfolio and bring you the most forward-thinking knowledge and educational programs. We strongly believe that digital transformation is first and foremost driven by human ideas. Even in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we still need people to drive innovation. And we are proud to equip our customers with the knowledge and skills to enable their journey. As we continue our journey to make a more sustainable world for the next generation through data-driven decision making, we have identified a number of exciting new projects that will come to light in 2020. First and foremost, we have strengthened our partnership with APMG-International to start the delivery of self-paced-online courses. Our team is working hard to develop all our education programs in digital format, so they can be enjoyed at any time and any place. In the last months, we have built an [...]

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Why is Cybersecurity so Important?

Why is Cybersecurity so Important? Cybersecurity protects against threats The world relies on technology now more than ever before and this highlights the importance of cybersecurity. More industries are going through digital transformations in order to stay ahead which means that more services are being automated or offered through online portals. Think of Spotify, Uber, AirBnB, etc. All these services offer their value through 24/7 self-service portals that eliminate the process of waiting and customer service desks. However, these devices and the underlying technology have vulnerabilities which if, are successfully exploited, can cause massive consequences for both the device user and the business. Personal information such as records, credit-card info, passwords, and social security numbers can be stolen if the underlying technology does not have the appropriate defenses in place. Cybercrime doesn’t just affect the consumer, too. It can have great impacts on the business as well. The costs of recovering from a cybercrime can be immense and the indirect impact such as the loss of consumer loyalty and workforce morale can cripple a business. Therefore, the importance of cybersecurity should be well emphasised in any organisation with an online presence by ensuring that employees understand simple techniques to reduce risk. Not downloading suspicious email contents, visiting phishing websites, and not using unidentified USB drives can already mitigate a lot of potential [...]

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