23 January 2020, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Cybiant is happy to announce a strategic partnership agreement with Symphony SummitAI, known for their flagship product SummitAI. With the partnership agreement, Cybiant furthers strengthens it capabilities in automation and AI-driven services.

Under the implementation technology partner program, Cybiant will start implementation services for ITSM, ITAM and ITOM solutions, based on the SummitAI platform. By enabling customers to have  a better understanding of their IT environment, the SummitAI platform enables organizations to reduce their IT risk, whilst optimizing their service delivery to end-customers. In order to achieve adoption, Cybiant will also develop a comprehensive training program for SummitAI technology.

Jan-Willem Middelburg, CEO at Cybiant, explains the choice for SummitAI:

Cybiant’s mission is to enable governments, corporations and individuals to make better decisions that lead to a more sustainable world. And the SummitAI technology stack does just that. By integrating new AI and Machine Learning technologies, companies have better insights and can make better decisions towards the future. I have worked with Symphony Summit for years, and I am very proud with this official partnership.

The Symphony SummitAI platform has been built to unleash enterprise productivity Modern consumers are no longer content with just good service. Because in this digital age, they are getting seamless and user-friendly experiences at every touch point, be it with Banks, Hotels, Airlines etc. and that’s why they expect similar experience at their workplaces as well.

These organizations no longer want their IT service experiences to be complex and tedious. This shift in consumers’ behaviour is pushing organizations to embrace new ways of providing IT services to their workforce. Discarding legacy tools which are holding productivity back and embracing transformative technology like Artificial Intelligence has opened avenues of new promises of productivity, issue resolution, agent effectiveness, and complete IT control. And now, as the IT leader, the onus is on you to embody the change that is offered by AI-driven innovation. The time is ripe for leveraging the benefits of the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine reasoning to IT Management.

Devadas Ravinathan, Regional Director – ASEAN & ANZ, is explains the partnership:

We are very happy to have Cybiant onboarded as a partner to further develop the region. We focus on bringing long lasting value to customers, and Cybiant is a great partner on this journey. We really look forward to working with the Cybiant team over the next few years.

The partnership between Cybiant and SummitAI will get into effect on 23 January 2020. A launch and demo event for the partnership will be planned in the next weeks.