What benefits can your organization achieve with Big Data? How to spot patterns in large quantities of enterprise data to improve performance and find underlying pattern that can benefit the organization? How can enterprises obtain a competitive advantage with Big Data? The Enterprise Big Data Analyst (EBDA) course discusses the theoretical concepts of Big Data and subsequently applies this knowledge to a real-world case study.

The Big Data Framework provides a holistic and compressive approach for enterprises that aim to leverage the value of data in their organizations. The framework covers all the essential aspects of Big Data that are necessary to understand and analyse massive quantities of data. The Enterprise Big Data Analyst course is the second level of the Big Data Framework course curriculum and certification program, that is globally recognized and accredited by APMG-International. The curriculum provides a vendor-neutral and objective understanding of Big Data architectures, technologies and processes.

The Enterprise Big Data Analyst qualification is a practitioner course for all professionals that aim to an in-depth understanding of Big Data analysis techniques and models, core data analysis processes steps, and best practices to retrieve value from data.


In this course, you will learn the following:

  • Understand and explain the data analysis process, including all relevant steps included in enterprise big data analysis.
  • Understand the difference and structure of common data sources (local, online and database connections) and the way these sources should be imported in order to perform data analysis.
  • Apply and utilize fundamental data cleaning operations and the differences between different data cleaning techniques.
  • Apply and utilize fundamental data wrangling operations and the differences between different data wrangling techniques.
  • Understand and apply exploratory data analysis techniques that are required for model building, model validation and initial visualizations.
  • Understand and apply the core concepts of statistical inference, including techniques required for hypothesis testing.
  • Formulate and interpret predictive models based on statistical correlation and regression functions, including simple linear regression.
  • Formulate and interpret machine learning models for classification, including K-Nearest Neighbour, Naïve Bayes, Logistic Regression and Classification Trees.
  • Formulate and interpret machine learning models for clustering, including the Hierarchical clustering and K-means clustering techniques.
  • Formulate and interpret outlier detection models, including Grubbs Outlier detection and K-NN Outlier Detection.


Jan-Willem Middelburg, Author of the EBDAJan Willem Middelburg from the Netherlands has been in the information technology industry for the past 10 years and is the author and Chief Examiner of the Enterprise Big Data Framework.  Jan-Willem began his writing career in 2013 as one of the co-authors of the book Serious Gaming. Subsequent publications included the Service Automation Framework and the Enterprise Big Data Framework. Both publication have been translated into Chinese, and now form the basis for global education and certification schemes.


Cybiant is an accredited training provider with APMG International and one of the first to deliver the Enterprise Big Data Analyst course. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive the official Enterprise Big Data Analyst certification and digital badge. APMG International is a global well-established accreditation and certification body who is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for ISO/ IEC17065: 2012 and ISO/ IEC17024: 2012.


In conjunction with launching the certification, first learning class of Enterprise Big Data Analyst will be solely train by the framework author with live delivery in Asia. The following is the joining instructions for you to be the world first batch certified Enterprise Big Data Analyst:

  • Enterprise Big Data AnalystCertification Name: Enterprise Big Data Analyst Course & Exam
  • First Course Date: 11-15 May 2020/ 18-22 May 2020
  • Course Format: Virtual Learning
  • Learning Hour: Daily 9am-11am & 1-3pm (GMT+8)
  • Pre-requisite: Enterprise Big Data Professional Holder
  • Investment Level: MYR 5200| SGD 2500| USD 1800
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