Digital Transformation Month

The month of April 2020 will probably go down in history as one of the most challenging and disruptive months that we will have ever known. The COVID-19 virus has impacted businesses, large and small, and has left a lasting mark on society.

Also, most companies are beginning to realize the actual value of Digital Transformation and it is no more a merely “nice-to-have” but a crucial next step for businesses to embark on these days. In the spirit of positivity, we are launching our ‘Digital Transformation Month’ in May. If the pandemic has thought us anything, it is that digital ways of working, and the digital transformation will need to be accelerated. With this initiative, we hope that your organization will be inspired to make the next steps onto your Digital Transformation journey. During this month all virtual and online courses in the Digital Transformation domain are offered with a discount of 15%. Or you can buy 1 course and get 50% off the second course you buy.

Promotion Virtual & Online Courses

Get 15% off one of the courses OR
Buy 1 of the following courses and get 50% off the second course

Virtual Courses

  • Interactive Quizes

  • Chat with other participants

  • Real-time Instructor

  • Ask your Questions

  • Effective learning hours

A Virtual Classroom delivery is similar to a real face-to-face classroom learning experience. Upon registration, you will receive a link to join the virtual classroom, where a live instructor will educate you on the course. Through the online environment, you can ask questions to the rest of the group, chat live with your instructor and other participants, and answer sample exam questions.

Online Courses

  • Anytime, Anywhere

  • Personalised Learning Journey

  • Self-paced

  • From any device

  • Same quality as classroom

The Cybiant e-Learning Portal, accessible anytime and anyplace, has been designed with modular training sessions. Using this approach, you can break down every training course into small parts and learn at any moment that is convenient to you. Personalised learning journey

Digital Transformation Foundation TrainingDigital Transformation Foundation Virtual Course + Exam

The ITWNET Digital Transformation Foundation training and certification aims to provide participants with the latest knowledge and understanding required to support, manage and lead Digital Transformation initiatives within their organization.
Virtual Course 700 USD | Online Course 600 USD


Service Automation Foundation BadgeService Automation Foundation Course + Exam

The core objective of Service Automation Foundation training is to learn you how to transition analog (or manual) steps of service delivery process into automated steps.
Virtual Course 700 USD | Online Course 550 USD


blankEnterprise Big Data Professional Course + Exam

The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) course discusses the theoretical concepts of Big Data and subsequently applies this knowledge to a real-world case study.
Virtual Course 850 USD | Online Course 650 USD



Enterprise Big Data Analyst Course + Exam

The course will provide an overview of statistical and machine learning models, which are illustrated in the R programming language. This certification will not test programming skills.
Virtual Course 1500 USD | Online Course 1000 USD


Digital Transformation
4-6 May 2020

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Service Automation
12-14 May 2020

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Enterprise Big Data
18-21 May 2020

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Enterprise Big Data
1-5 June 2020

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