Get back to work safely with the Safe Workplace Enabler Suite

During the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses were greatly impacted and some were even forced to cease their business operation. As businesses start to open up again after the lockdown begins to ease, business recovery will be paramount, but it will not be business as usual anymore. Everything will have to change including the way the employees work, the way they communicate with their colleagues, the way they manage tasks and the list goes on.

In the post COVID-19 world, many organizations are still struggling to make sure the business recovery goals can be achieved and at the same time adhere to strict standard operating procedures to ensure a safer working environment for all. This poses a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the HR, IT and the management team as each of them is tasked to facilitate and overcome specific challenges in their own department or work-function.

Cybiant Safe Workplace Enabler Suite

If you are one of them and if you are still looking for better solutions to empower and rebuild your organization in the post lockdown period, then we have great news for you!

Cybiant brings you the Safe Workplace Enabler Suite to streamline and manage the workplace process better. The Safe Workplace Enabler Suite is powered by the Symphony SummitAI platform and offers the latest advances in AI, machine reasoning, analytics and automation to help you rebuild your future workplace to provide a safe, employee –ready working environment and to accelerate your digital transformation journey. The Safe Workplace Enabler Suite contains ready-to-execute workflows for each specific work-function or department and can greatly benefit the entire organization.

Safe Workplace Enabler Suite for Workplace Managers

It helps provide workplace service managers the ability to quickly configure clean and socially distanced workspaces. The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) application helps manage and monitor the needs of the workplace to support the physical safety of your workforce. In a single snapshot, it provides a comprehensive view of inventory by each facility, an aggregate scope of the entire workplace, and historical data on how equipment levels have changed over time. It also allows current inventory levels to be updated daily for accurate and real-time inventory management.

Safe Workplace Enabler Suite for Human Resource Department

You can design surveys and check employees’ preparedness & willingness to return to workplace. You can draw insights from the survey results helping leaders take appropriate decision and action. It also facilitates recording of the screening results and helps decide whether to allow or deny entry to the individuals. Your senior leaders can access a single-view dashboard and track the return of employees into their facilities over time.

Safe Workplace Enabler Suite for IT Department & Management team

You can easily assess Employee Readiness Survey Reports and make informed decisions w.r.t commencing office, transport arrangements & many more. Furthermore, you can even track COVID Infected Employees & get quick insights such as no. of employees in infected region, current sanitization status of infected office, travel history of employees, have timely communications to employees and able to gain insights and intelligence to make quicker and accurate decision.

If you would like to know how the Symphony SummitAI’s Safe Workplace Enabler Suite can help your organization, please contact us. With our technology partner, Cybiant’s consultants are ready to assist you.