Digital Transformation Foundation Training

In today’s digital age, it is vital for organizations to understand the digital landscape and respond effectively to the need for change and innovation. The ITWNET Digital Transformation Foundation training and certification aims to provide participants with the latest knowledge and understanding required to support, manage and lead digital transformation initiatives within their organization.

This two-day course equips mid to senior-level managers with the ability to support an organization’s progress by preparing them to move to a digital business model. The ITWNET Digital Transformation certification is primarily based on the Innovation Value Institute’s IT Capability Maturity Framework (Innovation Value Institute IT-CMF Model) and the publication ‘Collaborative Business Design: Improving and innovating the design of IT-driven business services’ (published by IT Governance). The training and certification focuses on three key areas:

  • Digital readiness (based on the IT-CMF)
  • Skillsets for the digital transformation leader
  • Business service design for digital transformation

The proliferation of a growing range of digital technologies (known as SMACIT social, mobile, analytics, cloud, and internet of things among others)  is profoundly transforming the strategic context of the organisation and its competitive environment. Through combining the capabilities of these digital technologies with existing competences, the organisation is afforded opportunities to offer exciting new value propositions, improving  integration of internal business capabilities and business partners while enhancing product and service offerings and customer relationships.

For these and other reasons, digital transformation is regarded as being increasingly critical to the organisation’s competitiveness, and a core enabler to how it operates and evolves.  Nonetheless, the transformation journey is complex for many reasons including the fact that digital transformation requires a distinct evolution from traditional organisational thinking and significant changes to the organisation’s traditional ‘modus operandi’.

Therefore many organisations struggle to effect a successful digital transformation. However digital transformation is and will remain to be a survival imperative for organisations. This Digital Transformation Foundation training course will help to overcome these challenges.


Digital Transformation Foundation Learning Objectives

The purpose of the Digital Transformation training and qualification is to assess whether an individual has the knowledge and understanding required to contribute to Digital Transformation Initiatives. The course will help candidates to:

  • Definition of digital readiness and digital transformation, SMACIT, IT-CMF;
  • Digital Capabilities, Critical Capabilities defined;
  • Four pre-requisites for effective digital transformation;
  • Four stages of the Capability Improvement Program (CIP);
  • Understand the market factors in the evolution of IT towards Digital;
  • Understand the 7 digital imperatives;
  • Understand the six key steps to build a successful Digital Business;
  • Formulate a digital strategy to respond to opportunities and threats;
  • Learn about four IT-CMF Macro Capabilities and the specific critical capabilitues for digital transformation, including customer experience, service, digital marketing, service and product development and more;
  • Understand the purpose of a digital business strategy and focus of each pre-requisite for effective digital transformation: Customer Engagement, Digitized Products and Services, Operational Backbone, and Digital Service Platform;
  • Structure of a Business Model Canvas;
  • Definition of a (business / IT) service;
  • Business Service Design for digital transformation;
  • Demand and supply side of IT services;
  • Components of a basic service package;
  • Difference between an output and an outcome;
  • Four steps in the Business Service Design approach and how it improves alignment of business and IT Strategy;
  • Service Constellation and Service Blueprint approach.

The Digital Transformation Foundation training and qualification enables participants with the right and up-to-date knowledge to respond to digital transformation initiatives in order to be a digital-ready professional capable of aiding organization in their digital transformation quest.

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Course Materials and Additional Information

Detailed information and additional about the ITWNET Digital Transformation Foundation training:

This qualification is aimed at individuals who recognize the need for and promote Digital Transformation Initiatives as part of wider change initiatives within their organization.  Some roles which may benefit from this knowledge are:

  • Managers/Consultants working to deliver strategic objectives;
  • Programme and Project Managers;
  • Product Managers;
  • IT and Business professionals at a senior and middle level;
  • Service Managers;
  • Enterprise Architect;
  • Professionals who have an operational, designing and implementing, managing or strategic role with regard to IT services;
  • Any manager or specialist working in an IT organization that needs to be ready and is immersed in the digital transformation or digital disruption of its organization;
  • Professionals situated on the demand side of, or closely related to, the information provisioning in an organization;
  • BRM, BA, PPP, ITSM certified professionals;
  • Internal or external service provider (IT based or not): Service managers, contract managers, bid managers, lead architects, requirement-analysts, etc;
  • Students of business administration, business informatics and service management.

The ITWNET Digital Transformation Foundation exam is usually taken right after the course ending

  • 40 questions
  • 40 minute exam
  • Pass Mark – 50% ( 20 marks)
  • Closed book
  • Available in English
  • Paper based & online availability

The exam is administered by APMG-International.

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