We will always remember the year 2020 as the year that brought about epic changes due to the COVID-19. The world was shake up in a way the we have not seen before in recent history. Despite the monumental challenges in terms of healthcare, business operations and our ability to physically meet with each other, we have also seen how technology can enable us to still function as a society. Now more than ever, businesses rely on technology to get through this crisis.

The reason we started Cybiant, from the very beginning, is to help governments, companies and individuals towards a more sustainable future through better decision-making. We are tremendously proud that our solutions and services help to provide better insights, better use of data and, ultimately, better decisions. Whilst we will keep continuing on this mission, we have outlined the ways in which we can assist organizations on their journey to become completely data-driven.

One of our primary goals at Cybiant is to be the forerunner in the development of expertise and thought leadership in innovative technologies. It is my strong believe that knowledge and innovation will be able to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

Because technology keeps evolving so rapidly, innovation projects need to be prioritised. So what would be a good focus point for 2021? From our conversations with customers, we have seen four major trends to consider for next year.

1. Automation keeps business running
One of the major lessons from last year is that business who have an automated service delivery model continue to thrive. I firmly belief that in 2021 we will see a major push towards the delivery of automated services.

2. Data Governance becomes important
In order to thrive in the data economy, organizations will need to have control over their data. Not just where enterprise data is stored, but how to effectively control it. In order to realize an effective Data Governance model, processes for access and control need to be established.

3. A push towards Service Intelligence
As we all know, machine learning and AI algorithms provide opportunities to almost every business. One of the most practical use cases to consider is the application of AI algorithms to the domain of IT Services, a development frequently coined as Service Intelligence. With Service Intelligence, you can start predicting service performance and increase the quality of your service delivery organization.

We sincerely hope we can keep assisting you to Win in the Data Economy!

Jan Willem Middleburg