Webinar: Establishing the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Framework


How to tackle complexity in PPP projects?

When working with something that is complex just like the Public-Private Partnership scheme, what is needed is structure, and one way to establish structure is by putting in place a framework. A framework can help organizations or teams to work in full compliance with standardized best practices or guidelines that is structured.

A PPP framework is best understood as the established procedures, rules and institutional responsibilities that determine how the government selects, implements and manages PPP projects. Although some PPPs can also be implemented on a one-off basis without any specific framework. However, most PPPs are technically complex, involving numerous stakeholders, each with conflicting objectives, which requires a well-designed PPP framework to ensure that the objectives of the public and private sector are aligned and procedures, rules and good PPP practices can be established.

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In this webinar, we will learn from one of the first PPP accredited trainers in APAC Jan-Willem Middelburg about the PPP framework. The topics that will be covered are:

  • Why do we need a PPP Framework?
  • The value of having a PPP Framework
  • What a PPP framework should include?
  • How to set the objectives and scope of a PPP framework


  • 18th April 2022

  • 4:00 PM – 4:45 PM MYT

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The Public-Private Partnership concept relies on the idea that the public and private sectors each have certain advantages relative to others in performing a certain task together. With PPP, the public sector can have access to private sector finance and private sector skills and at the same time transfer risk to the private sector. The Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) model is most often used by the public sector in infrastructure development such as hospitals, schools and roads or to develop better public services for the people such as healthcare and education system.


Jan-Willem Middelburg, Author of the EBDA

Jan-Willem Middelburg is one of the first few APMG’s PPP certified trainer in the APAC region. He has trained government officials from Singapore, Samoa, Philippines, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nigeria and global organizations such as the Asian Development Bank and World Bank in the area of Public-Private Partnership.



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