Looking ahead at 2020

Looking ahead at the decade of smart technology

Happy New Year! I wish you and your loved ones a healthy and prosperous 2020. We find ourselves not just at the change of a new year, but of an entire new decade. A good moment to pause and reflect on the past decade and devise new plans for the future.

At Cybiant, we have made ambitious plans for the start of the new decade. We will continue to strengthen our education portfolio and bring you the most forward-thinking knowledge and educational programs. We strongly believe that digital transformation is first and foremost driven by human ideas. Even in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we still need people to drive innovation. And we are proud to equip our customers with the knowledge and skills to enable their journey.

As we continue our journey to make a more sustainable world for the next generation through data-driven decision making, we have identified a number of exciting new projects that will come to light in 2020. First and foremost, we have strengthened our partnership with APMG-International to start the delivery of self-paced-online courses. Our team is working hard to develop all our education programs in digital format, so they can be enjoyed at any time and any place. In the last months, we have built an educational platform that is able to deliver a seamless educational experience on any device and will also be made available through Google and iPhone apps. In line with global trends that indicate shorter, more intensive, content consumption, we are working towards a more tailored learning experience. In the education industry, this is referred to as microlearning, a development that we will further promote in 2020.

Besides the services that we are most known for, we are also strongly investing in our technology capabilities, which provide essential tools for data-driven decision making. Last year, we initiated technology partnerships with Microsoft and IBM in order to provide us with leading infrastructure for the development of our technologies. Upon these technologies, we are now building our own technology solution which we have labelled “Cybiant ADA”. ADA is an abbreviation for Advanced Detection Analysis, as well as an homage to ADA Lovelace, the first female computer scientist. We are strongly encouraged by the fact that Cybiant ADA was nominated for the Malaysia sustainability award, which was truly one of the highlights of last year.

These are some of the main plans and projects we are working on at the turn of decade. By combining our thought leadership and technology capabilities, we aim to keep helping our customers to make better, and smarter, decisions every single day. If we all started to make data-driven decisions, we would be better equipped to face the pressing problems that we will face in the next decade. I am proud that Cybiant is there to help on this journey.

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