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A customized training program for Information Technology and Digital Transformation teams


In September 2020, Cybiant designed and conducted a workshop for one of Malaysia’s largest property developers, S P Setia. The organization had requested Cybiant to create a customized training program for their Information Technology and Digital Transformation team. The client and our consultants had several meetings to discuss the team’s knowledge in ITSM, learning objectives and learning outcomes. Based on the client’s requirements and Cybiant’s experience and expertise, our team had composed the “Next Generation ITSM” workshop.


In today’s rapidly growing business environment, there’s a need for IT service management teams to have knowledge and skills in different areas, which sometimes requires the concepts of ITIL, Agile methodology, automation, and data analytics.

The Next-Gen ITSM training emphasized on teaching the participants how to use modern technologies and IT Best practices to deliver quality service delivery and co-create value with stakeholders. This course was designed around the concept of the ‘Service Value Chain’ – that taught the participants how valuable services could be designed and delivered to increase overall user experience. In order to achieve an optimal Service Value Chain, the course also covered modern service management techniques and approaches, such as Agile, Scrum, automation, and data analytics methods.

The first training topic, the Agile Service Manager, focused on applying agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects. Agile thinking can improve the team’s effectiveness and efficiency and enables the IT team to continue to deliver value in the face of changing requirements. Secondly, the Agile Scrum Master training session focused on helping the team understand the principles and theory of Scrum, which can allow the team to adopt the Scrum framework in their organization for more effective and collaborative work performance.

The third training session of the Next-Gen ITSM training was the Service Automation Foundation. The training session provided the framework and a step-by-step approach, including several design elements and processes that the team can use to systematically enhance its services and transition from manual to automated services. Lastly, the final training session was designed based on the syllabus of the Enterprise Big Data Professional. The trainer emphasized on providing a holistic and compressive overview and approach for the team to leverage the value of data in their organization. The application of data analytics to make informed decisions can significantly improve the company’s overall performance.


Overall, it was a well-received workshop, with an average rating of 8.95/10 given by the participants. The 3-day training program was concluded with a meeting and an assessment report prepared by Cybiant. The meeting provided the management an overview of the training that allowed them to understand the participants’ performance in the training and whether the program achieved the organization’s objectives. To ensure that the client’s long-term training objectives can be realized, Cybiant’s consultants also prepared a proposal that included the training roadmap and future training suggestions that are relevant and essential for their team.

The other goal of the organization is to understand the progress the company has made to date with ITIL process maturity and establish an initial assessment baseline. Thus, for the next assignment, Cybiant’s consultant will utilize CybiantSCAN, a proprietary and proven ITSM process assessment methodology and online toolset, to conduct the assessment. The online toolset, using surveys distributed to designated staff, will provide an initial maturity snapshot of the processes assessed. The online tool will also allow the organization to assign target maturity levels and importance levels for each process assessed. An additional feature unique to CybiantSCAN is an assessment of the organization’s culture as it relates to process adoption and behavioral change.

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