How the HRDF Event Encourages Collaborative Learning

On the 22nd of October, Cybiant attended the Human Resources Development Fund in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The HRDF is an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia and is responsible for catalysing the development of current and future innovations to support Malaysia’s vision of becoming a high-income country. HRDF provides training and up-skilling interventions to important strategic industries in Malaysia with the objective of keeping up with the rapidly changing business environment.

One of the key areas of HRDF’s objectives includes transforming technical and vocational education to meet the industry’s demand. Today, technology is quickly advancing and businesses must learn to adapt. Part of surviving in today’s business environment means being able to respond effectively to the need for constant change and innovation; which the HRDF helps encourage through seminars and conferences.

The purpose of the HRDF Jom Latih seminar hosted on the 22nd of October aimed to elevate training passion amongst training partners and companies alike. There, they could learn from various top class experts with specialist knowledge that busy professionals can learn in intensive courses not longer than a few days.

Held in the Berjaya Times Square Hotel, the HRDF hosted exhibition booths for various companies specialised in providing professional training courses. Cybiant offers HRDF claimable courses, which means that other companies registered with HRDF can take courses offered through Cybiant and have the costs reimbursed by HRDF. This makes training even more attractive for HRDF’s registered partners.

Through this HRDF Jom Latih event, Cybiant has had the pleasure of meeting like-minded professionals keen on taking their knowledge skill set to the next level. Witnessing the growing number of people interested in Big Data and cyber-security makes attending such events all the more worthwhile as it means that Cybiant is succeeding in its vision of creating a better world by starting with education. By teaching other organisations how to solve problems faster, we can help save massive amounts of valuable resources, capital, and in turn – we can potentially decrease environmental harm as a result.

Cybiant speaking with clients at the HRDF event

Collaborative learning has become a fundamental requirement in today’s business world as people everywhere become more connected. It results in a more educated, well-rounded workforce, which in turn, can lead to higher motivation. Thanks to advancements in technology, collaborative learning has become more streamlined because of file sharing, high-speed internet and video conferencing.

Not to mention the effect cloud-computing has had in recent years as well. The ability to instantaneously share files, messages, databases, etc, enables an exponentially higher efficiency rate when it comes to working on projects as a team. By investing in systems that can ensure workers have instant access to crucial information across multiple devices, it can save a lot of time.

An added benefit of collaborative learning is the obvious ability to share knowledge and expertise. The chances of oversights and errors occurring drops dramatically when there are multiple people engaged in discussion – which collaborative learning encourages as it is also an opportunity for individuals to share their own ideas.

The HRDF Jom Latih event gave plentiful opportunities for people to share their thoughts, register for courses, and meet like-minded individuals as well.

Cybiant intends to attend future events such as these in order to strive for continuous support of collaborative learning and education.

A short video of the HRDF event