Captain Cybiant

Introducing the superhero in Cybiant company – Captain Cybiant

Brands are built on recognition. And recognition is created by symbols, that represent what the company stands for. At Cybiant, it is our mission to help organizations win in the data economy. And in order to visualize this, and represent what our organization stands for, I am extremely pleased to introduce our symbol on our journey to achieve this mission: Captain Cybiant.

Captain Cybiant

Figure 1: Full image for front, side and back view of Captain Cybiant

Over the last three months, our team has been brainstorming, designing and redesigning imagery, until we found a figure that touches upon all the aspects that we want to represent as a company. We ended up with choosing a superhero, because in order to win in the data economy, most organizations need some form of superpower to accomplish their goals. With Captain Cybiant, we provide organizations with the power to transform their companies.

The superpower that Captain Cybiant has (compared to us ordinary citizens) is that it can extract, read, transform and analyze data to predict the future. This superpower is represented by the big chip that you can see well displayed on Captain Cybiant. This superpower represents the tools that our company uses in the process.

At Cybiant, we use data, automation and algorithms to help customers accomplish their goals. It is this superpower that we would like to convey to our customers and partners.

The last reason we are introducing Captain Cybiant is because it represents a symbol for everyone who works at Cybiant. Everyone at Cybiant is busy – day in and day out – to utilize his or her knowledge and skills to help organizations win in the data economy. As such, everyone who works at Cybiant is their own version of Captain Cybiant, with their own superpowers in their respective fields.

You might wonder how we will use Captain Cybiant in practice, and that is a very good question to ask. Besides the obvious graphical representations (which you will see more and more), we have decided to kick-start within our Education Division. All our customers and students, who will participate in one of our classroom certification programs, or attend a conference, will receive their own miniature version of Captain Cybiant.

It my dream to – one day – have a life-size version of Captain Cybiant in the entrance hall of our office. But I am sure that with the superpowers of everyone in our organization, it is a matter of time before that happens. Join me in welcoming Captain Cybiant to the world!

CEO of Cybiant

Jan-Willem Middelburg

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