Webinar: Introduction to Agile


An introduction to Agile

Today, Agile is one of the widely adopted ways of working for many organizations especially during this global pandemic as it provides business agility, help companies to respond to change and deliver faster value for the consumers or end users.

Agile originated from the software development domain in early 2001. Before the Agile approach was introduced, the Waterfall approach was commonly used to manage software projects. However, developers started to experience difficulties and obstacles in managing software development projects as business needs are changing more frequently and solutions often require faster delivery.

Since then, the ever-changing market demand shows no signs of slowing down. Which is why Agile has become more relevant in today’s business environment and has also quickly flourished in other non-software related industries.

In this short 45-minute webinar, we will discuss a few key introductory topics of Agile such as:

  • What is Agile?
  • The origin of Agile
  • The Waterfall approach vs Agile approach
  • How it can benefit your team or your organization
  • The Agile Frameworks and Methodologies
  • How to get started with Agile

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  • 5th January 2022

  • 11am – 11:45am

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Jeremy Chia

Jeremy Chia is the Business Development Manager from Cybiant, based in Kuala Lumpur. He has been involved in training and consulting projects for companies here in Asia and has also co-developed the syllabus for Agile training programs.



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