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Agile Talks Episode 2: Norhidayah Baharuddin’s Journey as a Scrum Master

In this episode, featuring Norhidayah Baharuddin, a highly experienced Scrum Master with a background in multinational organizations, gain valuable insights into the role and responsibilities of a Scrum Master.

Norhidayah has dedicated her career to helping multinational companies embrace Agile practices, bringing extensive expertise in project management and valuable insights on how Scrum can bring significant value to organizations. Her deep understanding of Agile methodologies allows her to guide teams effectively and facilitate successful implementation of Agile practices. Delve deeper into Norhidayah’s journey of learning about Agile methodologies and explore the challenges faced by Scrum Masters.

Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the key skills required to excel in this role and discover expert advice and practical tips from a seasoned Scrum Master on how to effectively navigate the world of Scrum and enhance your understanding of this agile framework. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and learn from Norhidayah, a seasoned professional in the field of Scrum.

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