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Automating Decision Making Using IDP | Automation Days Asia 2022

By Ansari Ismail

Automation is on the rise. The initial honeymoon phase of automation is over as whatever can be automated through recording has already been done.

We are going to Phase 2 of Automate era. Here we are automating the decision making. This in turn needs intelligence. Combining AI to make automation intelligent so that we can automate decision-making is very exciting and game-changing.

In this session, we will talk about how the phase 2 era is evolving and how IDP and no-code tools are helping to advance this era.

About Speaker

Ansari is a Co-founder of Botminds AI, and he is responsible for building an AI platform to capture, search, analyze and automate documents and web pages

Ansari’s background is in AI and Automation, and he has been part of various organizations, including Microsoft and Johnson& Johnson. Ansari was a founding member of Azure ML and a senior Microsoft research scientist.

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