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In early 2022, our firm Cybiant was selected to provide the official APMG Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Certification Program for the Federal government and the provinces of Sindh and Punjab in Pakistan. Administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the selected accredited training organization of APMG is to provide an online examination preparation support and training for professional staff of the Sindh, Punjab, and Federal government for the PPP Foundation, PPP Preparation and PPP Execution Levels of the APMG PPP Training and Certification Program.

Background of the Project

Since 2018, and per the vision of the Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan, Pakistan is clearly on a path of economic recovery and growth, with a special focus on transparency and development through construction. Thus, PPP has an important role to play, and so we can see line ministries like the National Highway Authority and Pakistan Railways embrace PPP as a new procurement option, setting up their own PPP Cells. Local authorities in Punjab and Sindh Province have some experience with PPPs and are now developing strong pipelines with support of multilaterals, including ADB. The province also aims to include projects in sectors like renewable energy and social infrastructure. The Korangi Expressway PPP and the KWSB TP3 wastewater treatment plant are just two of other many examples of PPP projects currently being developed in the Sindh Province.

Cybiant’s PPP Training services

Our trainers Jan-Willem Middelburg and Lieven Jacquemyn at Cybiant have worked on various PPP projects globally, in the Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern regions. They have been selected to provide this official PPP training program for the professional staff of Pakistan.

During his time at GE, Lieven Jacquemyn was the PPP Bid team leader for projects in Pakistan, such as a new 500 bed General PPP Hospital at Johar Town (near Emporium Mall) in Lahore and a PPP project for the provision of Tertiary Healthcare in Punjab Province. Jan-Willem Middelburg is one of the first few APMG’s PPP certified trainer in the APAC region. He has trained government officials from Singapore, Samoa, Philippines, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Nigeria and global organizations such as Asian Development Bank and World Bank.

Because of their long experience and in-depth knowledge in the domain of PPP, besides delivering the theoretical concepts of PPP, the trainers also shared their knowledge and experience in handling and implementing actual PPP projects. This has proven to be invaluable to the participants. At the end of the training program, Cybiant successfully delivered the services in line with the requirements of the Asian Development Bank, with more than 30 delegates received their respective PPP certifications.

“The blended learning approach with a combination of virtual training and a self-paced e-learning platform offered by Cybiant provided an excellent platform for training in PPP fundamentals and enabled technical expertise and knowledge sharing about PPPs at the government level. The training sessions were interactive and the trainers were able to provide specialist knowledge on PPP best practices.”

Zainab Hamid, Asian Development Bank

Cybiant’s capabilities in PPP

Cybiant is proud to be one of the leading training providers in Public-Private-Partnership education and training. Our firm first launched the PPP certification program in Asia-Pacific, together with APMG. As one of the strategic partners of APMG, our commitment to quality is expressed in comprehensive course materials, best-in-class standards for our instructors, and innovative learning technologies to support the delivery of training programs.

Furthermore, as part of our firm’s commitment to strengthen the community of PPP practices, our trainers frequently participate in webinars and events with our international partners such as the APMG International, WAPPP and PPP Knowledge Hub.

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