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Cybiant signs collaboration agreement with PPP Knowledge Hub

Partnership for increasing expertise in Public Private Partnerships

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – August 24, 2020 – Cybiant, the first accredited company for the Public-Private-Partnership certification scheme, has signed a Collaboration Agreement with the PPP Knowledge Hub. With this agreement, Cybiant and PPP Knowledge Hub have detailed their collaboration with regards to capacity and training programs to support Afghanistan and Malaysia government and non-governmental institutions and private sector to implement the committed Sustainable Development Goals through the People’s First PPPs.

Cybiant has signed the agreement to intensify the constructive cooperation of public-private partnerships (PPP) for sustainable development in particular fields of knowledge sharing and capacity building and service delivery, which will promote further development of cooperation and increase of understanding of Public Private Partnerships. As part of the agreement, Cybiant will work with the PPP Knowledge Hub to host and organize accredited CP3P training programs, which will lead to the CP3P Public-Private-Partnership Professional designation.

Cybiant was the first Accredited Training Organization (ATO) for the APMG World Bank scheme for PPP certification in APEC, and is the regional leader for PPP education. Jan-Willem Middelburg, CEO of Cybiant, explains why Cybiant has partnered with the PPP Knowledge Hub.

“We are very excited to partner with the PPP Knowledge Hub to further promote the professionalization of Public Private Partnerships in Afghanistan and surrounding countries. The PPP Knowledge Hub has built up a great network and is and has access to regional experts. If we can contribute, in any way, to revamping the infrastructure and social welfare in Afghanistan through increasing knowledge and capacity building, we can make an impact on the everyday life of every citizen in the region. The PPP Knowledge Hub’s alignment to the Sustainable Development Goals is in line with our mission to create a more sustainable world for the next generation.”

Before signing the Collaboration Agreement, both parties have been working closely together on a number of different PPP Projects. Ahmad Matin, Zahid, the Founder and CEO of the PPP Knowledge Hub, comments on the collaboration as follows:

““Public Private Partnership Knowledge Hub Organization, Afghanistan is proud to announce its strategic partnership with the Cybiant. In this collaboration, both parties intend to support Afghanistan government institutions through synergies. The government’s committed sustainable development projects will be implemented through the Public Private Partnership (PPPs) which involves capacity building and information exchange related to PPPs issues including infrastructure development, governance, rule of law and socio-economic development. Such issues plan to target the healthcare, education, energy, agriculture and rural development sectors. In an effort to propel the Afghanistan government institutions’ objectives, training workshops and conferences will be organized between Malaysia and Afghanistan.”

The partnership between Cybiant and the PPP Knowledge Hub is effective per August 2020.

About Cybiant

Cybiant excels at helping businesses use their data to win in the data economy. Using next-generation technology and established IT Best Practices, we assist companies to control their technology assets, automate their processes and transform data into a strategic asset.

Founded and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Cybiant now operates across the world and has assisted organizations on all continents. Cybiant is internationally recognized for its thought leadership, and has contributed to the establishment of automation and big data best practices, many of whom are now used as standards by companies across the world. Our knowledge transfer methods are renowned, and have certified more than 10.000 industry professional in next generation IT standards and corresponding technology.

Today, we design, build and advise our customers about technology and processes to win in the data economy. From the design of data governance strategies, to the implementation of robotic process automation solutions and the day-to-day management of IT assets. Our certified consultants and technology experts help with design questions, process optimization and knowledge transfer. We will help you stay ahead of the competition, so you can win in the data economy.

About the PPP Knowledge Hub

Public Private Partnership Knowledge Hub Organization (PPPKHO) based in Afghanistan with slogan “Vehicle for Visionary People” is a Center of Excellence initiated by team of experts in late 2018.

The PPP Knowledge Hub aims to take part in achieving the specified and aligned SDGs, targets and indicators through contributing to the government agencies and private sectors with providing expertise consultation and advisory services, capacity building, comprehensive coordination among the involved sectors, research and knowledge sharing. The SDGs across the world including Afghanistan balance economic, social and environmental factors in an integrated way. These goals will improve public welfare over the next 10 years by focusing on main and prioritized areas, with the goal that “No one shall be left behind.”

Realizing the current status quo, PPP Knowledge Hub introduced and started its assistances in a situation where, the government faces issues of lack of infrastructure, congestion and delays in implementing development projects, and poor service delivery.

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