2022 Technology Outlook – What to expect in 2022?

As the year ends, Cybiant is excited to peek into next year. What key technology trends are coming, and how can you start preparing your organization to leverage these new technologies. The last two years have been dominated by the global pandemic, but as most markets are recovering, it is time to look to the future again. 

As IT budgets are forecast to rise again in 2022, there will be an increased emphasis on driving digital services and providing digital-first delivery models. Automation, platforms, and intelligence will further drive this expansion, to make business more resilient to any future disruptions. With these technologies, there will be significant demand for next-generation skills and people that are able to bridge the gap between business and IT. 

In this webinar, Jan-Willem Middelburg will present the Cybiant 2022 Technology Outlook. Which new technologies are relevant for business, and how can you start preparing? Which technologies can you expect to go mainstream next year? And more importantly, what should you learn? 

Cybiant’s yearly Technology Outlook provides our customers and partners with an opportunity to kick-start new initiatives that drive digital transformation. All participants will get a copy of the presentation and access to the webinar recording. Don’t miss this yearly opportunity to prepare your organization to win in the data economy! 

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  • 17th December 2021

  • 11am – 11:45am

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Jan-Willem Middelburg, Author of the EBDAJan-Willem Middelburg is the CEO and co-founder of Cybiant, based in Kuala Lumpur. He started Cybiant with the mission to make a more sustainable world for the Next Generation through the use of data and automation. Jan-Willem authored and co-authored numerous books, including Serious Gaming (2013), The Service Automation Framework (2017) and recently The Enterprise Big Data Framework (2018).