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Paradoxically, as automations grow in number, size and complexity, so does the ability to scale with even more automations. Operational complexity can seriously jeopardize the RPA journey and prevent the adoptation of more complex processes and technologies that will expand the capabilities of automation. By simplifying operations, reducing maintenance and support work and strengthening the service delivery within COEs, the road is cleared to achieve automation excellence, which is a prerequisite to expand beyond the current capabilities and scale automation programs across the enterprise.

Tim Mosholt has worked with automations and integrations for over 20 years, specializing in new tech that challenges the norm.

Mosholt comes from a background in Denmark leading sales and strategy for an upcoming web integration technology, before spending 12 years in Asia providing technology for automation, integration and cyber security.

Mosholt joined SmartRPA in 2021 to lead the growth of their product Catalyst, an intelligent management system for intelligent management programs.

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