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Modernize Your Warehouse | Automation Days Asia 2022

By Jasdeep Sandhu

In the recent Warehousing Vision Study, we found that 80% of the industry leaders agreed that they do need to implement new technologies to be competitive in today’s on-demand economy; However, 50% said that they are still using paper-based systems for inventory and cycle counting, as well as struggling with the output effectiveness and accuracy. This session will provide a deep dive into your operation challenges and the key areas that you would envision in pioneering modernization.

About Speaker

Jasdeep Sandhu is the Sales Engineer at Zebra Technologies Malaysia. He is responsible for providing pre-sales technical support, solutions and integration consultancy on the entire Zebra Technologies portfolio to the Malaysia sales team and end-user. Jasdeep’s expertise comprises of Mobile Computing, Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Software, RFID, the Cloud, Enterprise Android and DataCapture.

Jasdeep holds a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship at Open University Malaysia and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from De Montfort University.

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