Virtual Classroom Schedule

Due to the recent global development,  most organizations have decided to work from home or to offer online solutions to work. At Cybiant, we aim to accomodate our customers in the best possible way during these times. For that reason, Cybiant has composed a special schedule for Virtual Classroom Delivery.

A Virtual Classroom delivery is similar to a real face-to-face classroom learning experience. Upon registration, you will receive a link to join the virtual classroom, where a live instructor will educate you on the course. Through the online environment, you can ask questions to the rest of the group, chat live with your instructor and other participants, and answer sample exam questions.

Every course consists of a number of days with 2×2 hour block per day. This will ensure your ability to absorb new information is optimal, whilst also leaving plently of time during the workday to work on other projects, and keep track of other messages and tasks. If for whatever reason you are unable to join one of the live sessions, don’t worry, all sessions are recorded and a link will be made available to all classroom participants approximately 10 minutes after the course.

All our courses are completed with an official examination. This means you will also take your exam in the online environment. Your instructor will provide you with the details on how to register for your examination. The overview below provides a list of the courses which have been planned for the next six weeks, to get your started.

NOTE: The courses are NOT from 9 to 5, but daily in the morning from 10am to 12pm and in the afternoon from 2pm to 4pm.

Date Course Course + Exam Fee
24-27 March 2020 Enterprise Big Data Professional USD 650
MYR 2800
SGD 925
6-8 April 2020 Service Automation Foundation  USD 650
MYR 2800
SGD 925
6-8 April 2020 ITWNET Digital Transformation Foundation  USD 650
MYR 2800
SGD 925
13-15 April 2020 ITIL4 Foundation USD 675
MYR 2900
SGD 950
20-22 April 2020 Agile Project Management Foundation USD 500
MYR 2200
SGD 725
27-30 April 2020 Organisational Change Management Foundation USD 1025
MYR 4500
SGD 1450

Benefits of taking a Virtual Course

  • Reduced costs

  • Interactive session with industry expert

  • Effective learning hours

  • Blended learning approach

  • Live chat

What does a Virtual Course looks like?

Ask Live Questions to your Instructor! 

The Questions tab allows all students to interact with the trainer by posing questions throughout the session. We invite you to ask as many questions as you want. Additionally, you will see all other questions raised by your fellow students.

The Questions functionality works like most modern forum boards, where classroom delegates can ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ questions. The instructor can choose to answer questions individually, or to post the answers publicly for all participants. Having the ability to ask live questions makes the virtual classroom similar to the real face-to-face training.

See your Instructor in Real-Time! 

The instructor will be visible during the whole training – this will establish a personal connection. At Cybiant, we have the world’s most leading experts conduct our training courses and virtual classrooms.

As a participant, you will always be able to see your instructor in real time, making a real ‘classroom’ experience as real as possible. Our studies have shown that having a personal connection with your instructor (by camera) during the classroom, will increase engagement and collaboration in the class.

Keep up to date with Live Chat! 

The Chat function allows all students to exchange messages with the other students during the session. This way you can interact and network with your students and share industry experiences.

The chat functionality is different from the ‘Questions’ functionality, and is more a live thread of comments during the course. Chats are visible to all classroom participant, or your instructor only.

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