About the UiPath RPA Discovery Workshop

One of the top reasons that companies have yet to adopt RPA solution even though they are fully aware of the benefits that it can bring, is due to a lack of understanding of RPA and not knowing where to start.

In view of this, Cybiant has specifically designed the UiPath RPA Discovery Workshop to help organizations to have a better knowledge of RPA solution and to assist them to begin their RPA implementation journey without any consultation fees.

Workshop Objectives

Cybiant’s UiPath RPA Discovery Workshop is designed for companies who are exploring the RPA solution. The ½ day workshop is a great way for the clients to discover the manual processes of their organization which are great candidates for automation and it also allows them to:

  • Obtain a holistic view of their operational processes.
  • Get a better understanding of their workflows and spot bottlenecks.
  • Build a simple RPA Proof of Value (PoV), to better understand the value of the solution and its benefits.
  • Produce insightful data to justify the ROI and the adoption of the RPA solution.
  • Quickly validate the overall automation process maturity and governance controls.
  • Get professional advice and recommendations from Cybiant’s RPA consultants.

Customer Requirements

Your organization is considering to implement RPA solution.

Engagement Description

In order to prepare for the RPA implementation plan, Cybiant consultants will conduct the discovery workshop which requires the attendance of some of the client’s key stakeholders such as the IT manager, process owners and the management team.

The consultants will work with the client over a ½ day period to better understand the overall operational processes and to discover opportunities for RPA implementation. With the use of the UiPath Discovery Suite, clients can expect to gain insightful information about their business operation like never before. The information gathered from the discovery workshop can allow clients to explore RPA solutions to deliver benefits such as:

What should I prepare

The workshop will focus on the first stage of the implementation journey which is the “Discovery Stage”. This stage is all about combining the AI, Science and human expertise to select the right processes for automation and also defining governance for the entire process. Therefore, please take a moment to review the checklist below to ensure a successful Discovery workshop:

  • Reach out to Cybiant and request the free RPA Discovery Workshop.
  • Block a 4-hour window in your colleagues’ calendar and inform them about the scope and objectives of the workshop.
  • Invite key stakeholders in back office processes as well as IT experts who know how enterprise data can be accessed
  • Arrange a suitable room with projector, screen and adequate internet access.
  • Cybiant will email a short survey to all participants to collect some pre-workshop data. Please Inform all participants that this survey will be sent out, and kindly request them to complete the survey.

Duration and Planning

The RPA Discovery Workshop takes ½ in duration and has the following format:

  • Location: At customer site
  • Participants: 4-8 participants
  • Roles: IT Managers, Process Owners, Backoffice
  • Required: Internet, Projector
  • Investment: Free of Charge

Let’s get started

Cybiant is the premier UiPath partner for the design and implementation of RPA in professional organizations. We assist companies in their RPA journey and more importantly, create business value and competitive advantages.

It all starts with this simple and quick discovery workshop. So are you ready to start your RPA journey with Cybiant?

Please contact Cybiant to discuss planning options and further details regarding logistics, and the invitation of participants.

Jan-Willem Middelburg
Jan-Willem MiddelburgManaging Director
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Case Study

Cybiant has supported many of the world’s most leading organizations on their Automation and RPA initiatives. In every one of these cases, the project was started with the RPA Scoping Workshop.

The Cybiant RPA Scoping Workshop provided organizations such as Shell, Standard Chartered and GlaxoSmithKline with the information they needed to kickstart their Automation and RPA projects. Read more about our case studies, or contact us to become one.


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