Gain Intelligent Control of Events and Alerts from Network and Infrastructure

Today’s IT environment consists of multi-tiered infrastructure and applications that need to be up and running constantly to support critical business services. All these IT assets generate myriad of exceptions and information events all the time. It is likely that your organization has deployed multiple monitoring solutions that track the performance and availability of these infrastructure components. These monitoring systems are also generating their own events for failure or performance alerts. Taken all together, this deluge of events and alerts are likely to flood your L2 and L3 responders’ queues. In this situation, knowing which event to respond to first is a challenge. Consequently, there is every possibility that a highly critical alert somehow gets overlooked. In short, you are suffering from events overload!

SummitAI Operations Management solution, tightly coupled with the industry leading SummitAI IT Service Management solution, can help you take back control of your IT infrastructure.

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