A Complete Hardware and Software Asset Management Solution

As an IT leader, you are tasked with procuring and budgeting the IT needs for your department or organization. However, in today’s complex licensing and hybrid deployment environments, it can be extremely difficult to track the usage of software across your environment. At present all your efforts go in mapping procurement, entitlements and usage tracking, to meet your compliance needs and the ability to defend an audit. And despite your best efforts in taking the right steps, some questions still linger – Am I overspending? Are there consolidation opportunities that I am missing out on?

Software and hardware have become complex and multi layered, with usage computation and utilization tracking becoming nearly impossible to do manually. Virtualization and Clouds and workload mobility bring in new opportunities for consolidation that can significantly improve your license utilization and overall cost rationalization.

SummitAI IT Asset Management

SummitAI IT Asset Lifecycle Management

It not only helps you to discover and track your hardware and software assets and their dependencies, but also uses a business centric approach to intelligently optimize software and hardware usage and demand, so that you don’t end up spending more than required in obtaining the same amount of business benefits from your IT. It can intelligently suggest new cost optimization opportunities, that can help you significantly improve your business returns.

Key Benefits and Features

SummitAI Asset Management and Asset Lifecycle Management are full featured Hardware and Software Asset Management products that take care of all your Asset Lifecycle and Inventory needs while at the same time, lowering your TCO by upto 63%.

The features include:

  • DiscoveryPerform agent-based and agentless asset discovery for asset and configuration

  • Software Product LibraryComprehensive library of software products that enables easier tracking and audit

  • NormalizationAbility to normalize discovered software assets data for automated tracking & compliance reporting

  • Update your software catalog with discovery informationKeep your software catalog up-to-date with discovered information, resulting in accurate record keeping and audit

  • Cloud enabledSummitAI tracks your Cloud Assets as well across VMware, Azure & AWS

  • AccessCINDE (Conversational Interface and Decisioning Engine) based access to asset management capabilities to end-users through service request and endpoint automation like software installation or creation and deployment of cloud assets

  • RFID/UNB-based automated trackingboth for usage/utilization tracking as well as for reconciliation

  • Track utilization of software, hardware accessories and consumablesSummitAI ensures optimal and authorized usage of software and hardware within the organization including accessories and consumables

  • Endpoint configuration, automation and application control as differentiators – Compliance reporting of 200+ parameters. Along with whitelisting, blacklisting of software, software installation and execution of applications

  • Patch ManagementBetter integration between asset management and service management. As it is a modular product, closely integrated with SummitAI ITSM and connectors are available for other service management products like ServiceNow

  • Reconcile DiscrepanciesQuickly creates a variance report in discovered and inventoried data and allows this data to be reconciled using online acknowledgment for updating baseline inventory for both hardware and software.

  • Hardware Lifecycle Store and Floor, IMAC conceptsPerform complete software lifecycle management and IMAC processes with store thresholds and alerting strict control on movement

  • Complex License ManagementEasily track modern complex licensing and entitlement using device, user, processor and PVU based computations

Our Implementation Team

From the initial process design towards full implementation and service automation. Our Cybiant experts have the experience and expertise to bring A to your service organization.