FireScope Service Performance Manager (SPM)

Users have higher expectations for application performance and reliability, therefore IT requires better visibility to identify and trace problems at the earliest possible moment; FireScope Service Performance Manager (SPM) Product represents a new breed of management solutions, one that leverages Big Data and cloud-related technologies to deliver unparalleled cloud-based monitoring across the entire IT stack, offering Enterprise scalability without the effort or high cost of traditional enterprise monitoring suites.

Instead of buying numerous point solutions, each dedicated to a single use case, FireScope SPM offers a single platform that supports numerous use cases, ranging from service performance management to business and predictive analytics.

FireScope SPM is a modern and easy API driven product that gives you the flexibility to build your own management tools making FireScope an integral part of any Service Management strategy.

Firescope Service Performance Manager

Workshop IT Asset Maturity Assessment

Enable your company to understand the value in discovering IT assets and understanding a business service asset strategy for your organization.

FireScope SPM Value

SPM was designed and built referencing multiple frameworks, standards, and compliance to provide the easiest path to transform IT into a Key Business Partner:

  • SaaS-based delivery eliminates long, complex installation projects and enables you to start realizing value on day one.
  • Automatically discover your critical IT services and their dependencies.
  • Synchronize changes with your CMDB to ensure all of IT is on the same, up-to-date page.
  • Automatically apply best practice monitoring across the service stack.
  • Leverage user experience monitoring and business metrics to identify which infrastructure events or service degradations are impacting your users or the business.
  • Generate incidents in best of breed ITSM solutions automatically as critical events occur, populated with extensive details and metrics to improve first-time remediation efforts.
  • Communicate the value IT delivers to the business through real-time business value dashboards.

FireScope SPM Business Value

  • Audit/Regulatory: SOX, NY-DFS, and HIPAA all require up to date views of critical and unauthorized devices and their relationships.
  • Service Portfolio: Analyze the ongoing value of IT to the business identifying mission-critical business relationships.
  • Business Continuity Management: Data is key when planning business continuity and the IT to business service relationships are at the top of that list.
  • Time-to-Value: Typical deployments are completed in 5 days or less providing immediate value and ROI “right out of the box.”

FireScope SPM for IT Value

  • ITIL® Change Management and Change Transition: FireScope can identify the impacts of changes on dependent CIs in a variety of visual representations, allowing your organization to become more RISK focused in Change Authority. Unauthorized changes, change status, and change auditing can be accomplished utilizing FireScope’s SDDM and SPM as a key part of a mature change process.
  • ITIL® Configuration Management: Once discovered you now have your baseline and related CIs to integrate into your CMS/CMDB. FireScope SPM can then notify the state of those CIs as they exist in your production environment.
  • ITIL® Service Level Management: FireScope SPM, knowing all logical IT dependencies, through the SDDM maps, can verify and report on Service Levels ensuring that mission-critical SLOs/OLAs are met.
  • ITIL® Service Catalogue: FireScope SPM can detail the current relationships of IT and Business assets needed to build a Business Service portfolio. Once built, SPM can monitor those services at varied levels.
  • ITIL® Availability Management: Data can be used to identify single points of failure on a Business Service. User experience checks can provide a proactive monitoring of availability of web-applications, allowing for factual user and customer impact rather than emotional.
  • Incident Management: Notifications can be delivered via multiple methods improving important Incident process activities (MTTR, escalation, impact analysis, etc.).
  • Event Management: Event Management is more than just uptime, it needs to include data useful for event handling; such as event significance and trending.
  • Problem Management: Proactively determine the time to impact for events such as network and storage capacity alerts, as well as perform detailed root cause analysis of an incident through detailed event monitoring.
  • NIST/COBIT: Supports at a minimum Configuration, Change, Problem and Asset Management controls.
  • SecOPs: SDDM maps can be used by Security teams to validate firewall rules are working correctly, trouble-shooting suspicious activities, investigating rogue devices and application micro-segmentation projects.
  • Application Support: Gain an end-to-end understanding of applications and business services – even those that are hybrid cloud or span multiple data centers.

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