Imagine what you could achieve if your CMDB was service-aware, always up to date and required no effort to keep up. That’s the power of FireScope Secure Discovery and Dependency Mapping.

With the growing complexity of hybrid cloud, virtualization, containers and micro services, organizations are finding it extremely difficult to move data centers, implement a new DR site or migrate to the cloud. That’s because they are relying on tools with older discovery techniques – each with siloed and incomplete inventories that only provide a snapshot in time. As a result, it’s extremely difficult to perform regulatory audits, implement change management, make informed business decisions or plan successful cloud migrations.

FireScope offers real-time insight-led Value and Predictive Analytics; with its persistent, vigilant, non-invasive Network Asset Discovery and Service Dependency Mapping SaaS platform. A recognized Global leader, working with Fortune 500 companies, FireScope enables an end to end enhanced intelligent viewpoint, by discovering your IT assets as well as associated data, mapping your business critical services to the discovered assets;  continuously monitoring and alerting on their up-to-date status to ensure a secure, fully visible, mission critical service and business-ready IT environment.

FireScope protects and enhances the knowledge and availability of your critical business services, breaks down data silos and extracts value from your IT Assets allowing you to manage what matters.

Meet FireScope

Workshop IT Asset Maturity Assessment

Enable your company to understand the value in discovering IT assets and understanding a business service asset strategy for your organization.

FireScope SDDM

FireScope SDDM

The fastest path to modeling application and service dependencies

  • Automated discovery of IT services and dependency mapping

  • CMDB and SACM tools integration, natively and via our REST API

  • Always-On passive network listening identifies changes in real-time

  • Boost your CMDB accuracy

  • Application dependency discovery, minus the effort

FireScope SPM

Enterprise IT Service Performance Management has never been easier

  • Cloud-based, IT service monitoring

  • Big Data driven advanced IT operations and predictive analytics

  • Single view of infrastructure and end-user performance

  • Role based real-time dashboards for everyone

FireScope Service Performance Manager

Cybiant is the premier IT Asset Management specialist in Asia and an official partner of FireScope.