Advisory Services

Through our strategic advisory services, we empower organizations and governments with the technology and insights to thrive in the future.

Organizations struggle to consistently get value out of their data. And with all the data that is available in the world, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep focus. Executives must keep the core business running while simultaneously identifying and investing in the new. Cybiant Advisory Services enables leaders to act quickly and confidently as they pivot to the future.

Cybiant Advisory Services will review your organization’s Big Data and Analytics capabilities against the principles and Best Practices of the Enterprise Big Data Framework, identifying where there are opportunities to get a competitive advantage through Big Data.

Our Experience and Expertise

Our Advisory Services experts have decades of Analytics, Big Data, and Machine Learning specific experience and understand how to balance your business’ needs and strategic objectives with data privacy requirements, costs and governance requirements.

We recognize that data-driven decision-making is a journey, not a destination. We will support your organization in developing a Big Data roadmap that ensures organizational readiness, proactive data controls, consistent best-in-class, and continuous improvement.

Accelerate your Big Data Journey with Cybiant Advisory Services:

  • We offer a hands-on, flexible approach, tailored to meet your organization’s uniqueness and requirements.
  • From Advisory Services to Big Data Architecture and Algorithm Design, we have expertise in comprehensive Big Data services to support your enterprise.
  • We can review your organization’s existing Big Data maturity, identifying where your organization can improve it strategy, processes or operations. We provide a best practice implementation approach to fill any gaps.
  • We are front-runners in the design of global Big Data practices, and have contributed to standards in Big Data process design, privacy requirements and design principles.
  • Our consultants are certified Big Data experts, who have the highest possible certifications in the industry.

Advisory Services Solutions

We combine deep industry expertise, advanced analytics capabilities and human-cantered approaches to help our clients shape their business strategies and drive growth. Read more about our most requested Advisory Services:

Our track record of success and years of experience can help your team formulate and articulate a Big Data Strategy from use case definition to technology planning to data governance. Defining a successful Big Data Strategy is the first step to obtaining a successful ROI on your Big Data projects.

The Big Data Maturity Assessment and Model assists organization to progress from an initial state of maturity, with little or no capability in Big Data and Analytics, towards total maturity. In this last stage, the organization uses information from data sources (both internal and external) for everyday decision making. Consequently, the Big Data Maturity Model guides organizations towards data driven decision making.

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Big Data architecture is the technical foundation for your organizations’ data driven decision making. A Big Data architecture functions as an architectural blueprint for your storage, processing and report generation. Our Cybiant Big Data Architects begin by understanding the goals and objectives new environment and design a new blueprint with global best-in-class technology that matches your organizations capabilities, requirements and budget.

Service Automation is a continuum of innovative technologies used to automate processes and operations traditionally done by humans – and it is rapidly transforming our lives. At Cybiant, we can help you build an effective technology strategy and identify the areas you need to transform. Our automation experts support organizations pick the right providers and partners and have the right governance to get the most out of service automation technology.


Case Study

We have supported successful Big Data and Automation consulting efforts across some of the world’s largest enterprise businesses. Hear from the team at Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) about their experience with the Cybiant Advisory Services team, as we performed a digital transformation project, including gap analysis and service automation design.
The Cybiant Advisory Service team realized the full benefits of automated provisioning, whilst addressing the complete end-to-end workflow, from business request to service activation, which involves technology, people, and processes. As a result, inconsistency in data entry reduced with 80%, and the deployment of new services was reduced from 6 weeks to less than 48 hours.


Fill In The Gap With Strategic Staffing

Need specialized, dedicated technical Big Data or Automation expertise to augment your team for a short term project? Cybiant Resourcing Services Team can support in providing on-site talent quickly and efficiently.


Shape the future of the world’s biggest companies. Use advanced Analytics, Big Data and Automation to design to co-create technology-enabled, agile strategies that ensure your clients win competitive advantage, unlock value and drive profitable growth.