About the Robotic Process Automation Proof-of-Concept

The Robotic Process Automation Proof-of-Concept (POC) service is the first step for organizations who would like to experience the benefits of RPA solutions for process optimisation. Cybiant’s RPA POC service is a structured approach that demonstrates the benefits of automating a process, powered by the UiPath platform. This solution brief outlines the benefits of building a POC with Cybiant, and provides an overview of the process and deliverables.

RPA is still a relatively new technology area. Starting from simple screen scraping automation in the 1990s, it progressed through workflow automation to gain the recording and scripting capabilities that define RPA today. The technology is evolving fast with new automation capabilities appearing constantly. The next phase of RPA is already leveraging AI and machine learning capabilities to deliver intelligent automation. This constant and rapid evolution offers increasing benefits as new features appear and new levels of automation are possible. However, this also means that implementing RPA technology within your organization has its own set of challenges. Cybiant has developed a structured Proof-of-Concepts service that will help your organization to successfully demonstrate the benefits of RPA within a few days.

Key goals of the RPA Proof-of-Concept

Most organizations begin to investigate RPA to address recognised pain points within processes in a specific business function or department. The ease of design and development of automations make it relatively straightforward to quickly deliver low-cost Proof-of-Concepts. The Proof-of Concept should show demonstrable benefits and the business impact of automation helping move on to the pilot stage. The key goals of the RPA POC service are as follows:

  • Demonstrate value of RPA to organization

  • Create initial automation team

  • Develop RPA implementation model for organization

  • Develop automation framework including deployment and governance

  • Select RPA technology platform

The RPA POC will outline the benefits of automation and provides the justification to move forwards toward the pilot stage.

Cybiant’s RPA Proof-of-Concept Approach

Cybiant’s RPA POC service is a two-day fixed-term engagement that to showcase the UiPath platform’s capability to automate a process in the customer’s environment. The engagement consists of the following two activities:

RPA POC Activities
½ -day POC Process Definition Workshop
1½-day POC Process Design in Studio

½ -day POC Process Definition Workshop

During the ½-day POC Process Definition Workshop, the Cybiant consultant will work together with the customer team to define a suitable process for automation. Key areas of focus in this workshop include access to the relevant data sources, workflow design and reporting requirements. Through joint discussions, our Cybiant consultant along with the customer will determine the scope of the process to be automated.

1½-day POC Process Design in Studio

Following the Process Definition Workshop, the Cybiant consultant will automate a process in the customer’s environment. In addition, the POC will demonstrate the RPA development process with UiPath Studio for pre-identified business use cases.

  • Integration with underlying sub-systems
  • Coverage over key technology and operations
  • Integration with existing security architecture

The finalised POC will be presented back to the customer for review and evaluation.

RPA Proof-of-Concept Deliverables

Customers can expect the following deliverables as a result of the RPA POC Service:

  • One operation supported process, supported by robots.

  • Documented Process Design

Note: The POC will be built in a customer environment, based on trial licenses. The POC will remain operational for a limited period of time only.
Jan-Willem Middelburg
Jan-Willem MiddelburgManaging Director
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Case Study

Cybiant has supported many of the world’s most leading organizations on their Automation and RPA initiatives. In every one of these cases, the project was started with the RPA Scoping Workshop and followed by the RPA Proof-of-Concept.

The Cybiant RPA Proof-of-Concept provided organizations such as Shell, Standard Chartered and GlaxoSmithKline with the information they needed to kickstart their Automation and RPA projects. Read more about our case studies, or contact us to become one.