SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals

Lean how to use the SummitAI Platform for ITSM in 3 modules

SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals


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FREE ½-day workshop SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals

The SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals is a ½ day workshop that consist of three 1-hour modules. The course starts with a fundamental understanding of ITSM and Service Management concepts, and subsequently explores how to set this up in the SummitAI Platform. Specifically, we will look at the setup of a Service Catalogue, and the implementation of Incident Management, Problem Management, Request Fulfilment and Change Management.

Delivery Format: Virtual
Certificate: Certificate of Completion from Cybiant

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The SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals will provide participants with an introductory overview of the key concepts of IT Service Management, and how they can be supported in the Symphony SummitAI technology platform. This course provides a bridge between the more theoretical concepts of the ITIL best practice framework, and real-world implementation considerations in practice.

The SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals course is a half-day workshop that consists of three 1-hour modules. The course starts with an introduction to basic Service Management concepts, the ITIL Best Framework and an overview of the relevant practices and processes. We will subsequently discuss how different best practices (ITIL, Agile, ITAM) power next generation ITSM environments.

After the fundamental concepts of IT Service Management have been covered, we will showcase how ITSM Platforms can be leveraged to solve everyday enterprise problems, and how these technologies can improve Service Delivery operations and performance. Specifically, we will consider the operational processes of Incident Management, Problem Management, Request Fulfilment and the set-up and structuring of a Service Catalogue. These examples will be illustrated in the SummitAI platform, and participants will be able to follow along in the course with a free demo account and a number of additional free resources.

The goal of the SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals workshop is to provide participants with an introductory overview to core ITSM practices. Additionally, this course aims to make participants familiar with the basic feature of the SummitAI platform. For this SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals workshop, no prior programming experience is required, although it helps if participants are familiar with basic IT terminology.

Note: Cybiant is an official partner of Symphony SummitAI and has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Service Management solutions. The licenses that are provided as part of this course are trial-licenses only and will expire after a limited period of time. More information? Contact us here.

Learning Objectives

This course is structured in three 1-hour modules, and will cover the following content:

  • Module 1: Fundamental Concepts of ITSM. In this first module, we will discuss the basic concepts of Service Management, the ITIL Framework and the core operational processes that are required to Support IT Operations.
  • Module 2: Basic IT Operational Processes. This module discussed the operational processes that every service support organizations will need to deliver value to their customers. In this module, we will cover Incident Management, Problem Management and Request Management.
  • Module 3: The Service Catalogue. In the final module of this course, we will discuss how to structure and set-up a Service Catalogue to efficiently deliver IT services.

After completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from Cybiant.

Target Audience

The SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals course is an introduction to Service Management, and therefore aimed at everyone who is interested in Service Operations or Service Delivery. Please note that the course is aimed at people with no prior experience in the Service Management domain. For more in-depth knowledge, we recommend more advance certification programs.


There are no pre-requisites for this course. Some experience with Service Management Processes will help your understanding.

13 reviews for SummitAI ITSM Fundamentals

  1. Diana Ho Maling

    The presentation slides was clear with good illustration especially on asset management tool. High level but this is suitable for beginners. A little bit more in depth would be great depending on the audience. agreed on the knowledge sharing also great on expanding network. thank you so much

  2. blank

    KL Chua (verified owner)

    Good overview for overall itsm strategy. It is good this cover Asset Management but would Suggest to get few more key ITIL components like Service Strategy and service design focus.

  3. blank

    KL Chua (verified owner)

    Good overview for overall itsm strategy. It is good this cover Asset Management but would Suggest to get few more key ITIL components like Service Strategy and service design focus.

  4. blank

    Khoo Kean Hua (verified owner)

    I’m new with ITSM. Still learning. Everything is good.

  5. blank

    Wan Yoke June (verified owner)

    it gives overview of overall ITSM

  6. blank

    Yang Kwang Goh (verified owner)

    Good for a start :)

  7. blank

    Joseline Lee (verified owner)

    The entire webinar is good.

  8. blank

    Indra Putera (verified owner)

    The live demonstration was really good. For next time, would be better to have demo environments for all participants.

  9. blank

    YT Choong (verified owner)

    I liked the Problem & Change Management topics the most.

  10. blank

    Ravi Chandran (verified owner)

    Very well presented content for people who are new to itil. Switching between real time demo and theory based presentation was impressive.

    As an ITIL expert, the only reason I joined was for an overview of the “A.I” element of the toolset. From the marketing literature : The AI-driven IT management suite can help you unleash enterprise productivity by effortlessly bringing Service, Asset and Operations Management together to work in concert. SummitAI is using machine reasoning and codeless workflow-based automation, delivers up to 20% annual savings in IT Help Desk Operations, and up to 45% better Total Cost of Ownership.

    It was apparent from the get-go that the tool was just another run of the mill Remedy/ServiceNow with no actual A.I. which frankly isn’t all that surprising.

  11. blank

    Jeffery Chia (verified owner)

    Very clear definition of Incident vs Problem & proper steps to be taken to reduce the problems thru Change.

  12. blank

    Michael Lim (verified owner)

    The demonstration part of this course was great! Maybe for next time add some quiz session to earn prizes. Keep up the good job and have more of this webinar session in future.

  13. blank

    Kristina Angelyn Saloman (verified owner)

    The examples used were excellent to relate the discussion and course module. Very well planned and executed. Kudos!

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  • 09.00 - 10.00 Module 1
  • 10.15 - 11.15 Module 2
  • 11.30 - 12.30 Module 3

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End time: 12:30 UTC+08


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