RPA Fundamentals with UiPath

RPA Fundamentals with UiPath

Learn how to use the UiPath Platform for RPA solutions

RPA Fundamentals with UiPath

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FREE 2-hour workshop RPA Fundamentals with UiPath

The RPA Fundamental course with UiPath is a 2-hour workshop. The course starts with an explanation of the core technologies behind Robotic Process Automation, including screen scraping, business process optimization and machine learning. We will subsequently discuss how these technologies are integrated in modern RPA solutions to automate workflows.

Delivery format: Virtual
Certification: certificate of completion from Cybiant


RPA Fundamentals with UiPath

The RPA Fundamentals with UiPath course will provide participants with an introductory overview of the key concepts and techniques behind Robotic Process Automation, illustrated in the UiPath RPA solution. The course discusses how RPA solutions help to automate enterprise workloads and showcases practical examples of RPA use cases.

The RPA Fundamental course with UiPath is a 2-hour workshop. The course starts with an explanation of the core technologies behind Robotic Process Automation, including screen scraping, business process optimization, and machine learning. We will subsequently discuss how these technologies are integrated into modern RPA solutions to automate workflows.

After the fundamental concepts of Robotic Process Automation have been covered, we will showcase how RPA technologies can be leveraged to solve everyday enterprise problems. We will discuss common repetitive business operations such as the import and transformation of data from various data sources, browser-based search queries, and the creation and storage of documents. These examples will be illustrated in UiPath Studio, and participants will be able to follow along in the course with a free demo account and a number of data sets and operations that are provided.

The goal of the RPA Fundamentals with UiPath course is to provide participants with an introduction to the practical aspects of Robotic Process Automation. Additionally, this course aims to make participants familiar with the basic features of the UiPath Studio software platform. For the RPA Fundamentals course with UiPath, no programming experience is required, although it helps if participants are familiar with basic data structures and workflows.


Cybiant is an official partner of UiPath and has extensive experience in the design and implementation of RPA solutions. The licenses that are provided as part of this course are trial licenses only and will expire after a limited period of time. More information? Contact us here.


You can register for the free workshop by selecting the option of your choice below. 

Note: this is a virtual workshop. 

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Learning Objectives

This course is structured in three modules:

  • Module 1: Fundamental Concepts of RPA. An overview of the fundamental technologies that empower RPA solutions and how they are adopted in modern organizations.
  • Module 2: Service Automation Design and Process Modelling. This module focuses on the design of automated services and workflows, using the techniques of the Service Automation Framework.
  • Module 3: Automating Repetitive Operations & Modern RPA solutions. A summary of common time-consuming processes in enterprise organizations, and how Robotic Process Automation can be leveraged to import, transform and automate data. We will consider common use cases of RPA technology and how they empower modern work environments.

After completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion from Cybiant.

Target Audience

The RPA Fundamental course with UiPath course is an introduction to Robotic Process Automation, and therefore aimed at everyone who is interested in RPA. Please note that the course is aimed at people with no prior experience in the RPA domain. For more in-depth knowledge, we recommend the Robotic Process Automation Foundation (RPA Foundation) certification program.


There are no formal pre-requisites for this course. Some experience with workflow design and data structures will help your understanding.


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47 reviews for RPA Fundamentals with UiPath

  1. blank

    Abdul Rahim Abd Nasir (verified owner)

    I like the way that the presenter shows step-by-step process.

  2. blank

    Leh Ying Gan (verified owner)

    Thank you for organising this RPA Fundamentals with UiPath session! Jan is very patient in explaining every steps to build our own robot. I like the structure of the training divided into 3 modules, from introduction, simple scenario and work related cases. It would be great if we are giving more time to download the application and the training material as sometime it takes time to make sure the application is well installed.

  3. blank

    MANPREET KAUR GURMIT SINGH (verified owner)

    Perhaps we need more time for complex scenarios. For this kind of training I think it’s good as it is!

  4. blank

    Natalie Liew (verified owner)

    Clear instructions were given during the talk :)

  5. blank

    SQ Ng (verified owner)

    Clear hands-on tutorials. Perhaps, last 15 minutes trainer can highlight real-time examples what RPA can do for:
    – SMEs
    – Fortune 500 companies

  6. blank

    Marven Lim

    The instructions and concepts were explained clearly and in a straight-forward manner. Perhaps, introduce more complexed demonstrations so that learners can get a better view on what kind of processes can be automated by RPA in the industry.

  7. blank

    Jean Lee (verified owner)

    It’s fun to learn about robot automation :) Perhaps if the training session could be held physically, it would be a better experience! It’s an awesome session glad I joined!!

  8. blank

    Ram Chai (verified owner)

    Simple and hands-on practical cases were excellent for learning. A very good first time view into the uses of RPA. Would like to have a longer course maybe split into 2 x 4 hours session to explore more examples and possibilities using RPA.

  9. blank

    Sourav Kumar Routray

    Data Automation topic was awesome! Timing with more examples are needed. Thanks a lot for this wonderful training.

  10. blank

    Ee Ping Heng (verified owner)

    Great speaker and clear instruction on the course. I think trainer may include a few more scenarios on the automation.

  11. blank

    Ros Rahman

    The instruction was clear. I wish we had longer session, or we could have the training material earlier so that we can install the application earlier and get along the training.

  12. blank

    Win Tong Lim (verified owner)

    The exercise is clear and practically related to my tasks. More training content, of course more time needed.

  13. blank

    Huai Peng Loh (verified owner)

    Demo and hands-on is what I like most about the course! Thanks!

  14. blank

    Ajitha M

    Was easy to follow. Would have been better if we could cover the email which was skipped due to time constraint.

  15. blank

    Li Yong Ong (verified owner)

    Concise & good for introduction. Add one more course coordinator to answer online questions, so that the trainer can focus on delivering the training

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