ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals

ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Cybersecurity with ISACA's leading program

ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals

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The ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals certificate and related training are ideal for IS/IT practitioners, students and recent graduates to build knowledge of cybersecurity or get started on a career in the field. This knowledge is in high demand, as cyberthreats continue to impact virtually every field of information systems and enterprises around the world.

Delivery format: Classroom, Virtual-Led & Self-Paced Online
Certification: ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals


Gain Foundational knowledge of cybersecurity with ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals. Get to know cybersecurity’s key concepts and roles. Created by the industry’s leading minds, ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals is the only one-stop global resource for everything cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Fundamentals is designed to help fortify and advance the industry by educating, training, and certifying a stronger, more informed workforce—from recent college graduates to IT professionals.

As the cyber landscape continues to evolve rapidly, it is not enough to rely solely on knowledge and theory. Cybersecurity Fundamentals training is a performance-based testament to your real-life skills and experience and proclaims that your commitment, tenacity, and abilities exceed expectations. This course is a comprehensive understanding of Cybersecurity’s key concepts, the impacts on your business, and the integral role of a cybersecurity professional in protecting enterprise data and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals offers a certificate in the introductory concepts that frame and define the standards, guidelines, and practices of the industry. The certificate and related training are an ideal way to get started on a career in cybersecurity. These skills are in high demand as threats continue to plague enterprises around the world. This knowledge-based certificate can enable you to:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the principles that frame and define cybersecurity and the integral role of cybersecurity professionals in protecting enterprise data
  • Add a credential to your resume/CV that will distinguish you from other candidates for advancement or a new job
  • Stay ahead of the curve on your current career path or start your new cybersecurity career strong

The purpose of the ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals qualification is to measure whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the key concept principles by defining cybersecurity and the integral role of cybersecurity professionals in protecting cyber assets in the modern world.

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Learning Objectives

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals course is an excellent way to gain foundational knowledge in cybersecurity begin to build your knowledge and kick-start your career in this crucial area. It is also a great way to prepare to earn your Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals is also a new training from ISACA designed for the most ambitious cybersecurity professionals, empowering them to elevate their work, take control of their career paths, and earn their place amongst the best.

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals training provides a dynamic learning experience where you’ll learn to:

  • Explain cybersecurity concepts.
  • Define enterprise cybersecurity roles and responsibilities.
  • Identify the main components of telecommunications technologies.
  • Identify differences between information technology systems and specialized systems.
  • Explain defense in depth.
  • Describe common causes of enterprise service disruption.
  • Identify the key components of security architecture.
  • Describe risk management processes and practices.
  • Appraise cybersecurity incidents to apply appropriate responses.
  • Recognize system life cycle management principles, including software security and usability.
  • Analyze threats and risks within the context of the cybersecurity architecture.
  • Evaluate decision-making outcomes of cybersecurity scenarios.

Target Audience

The Course is ideal for college/university students and recent graduates, those new to the field, as well as those looking to change careers.  It is also an excellent resource for professionals in the field looking for a cybersecurity refresher course.

Exam Structure

The Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certificate exam is an online, closed-book, remotely-proctored exam. It covers:

  • 18% of Threat Landscape.
  • 20% of Security Operations & Response.
  • 27% of Information Security Fundamentals.
  • 35% of Securing Assets.

It includes 36 multiple-choice questions and 12 performance-based questions, and the passing score is 65%. You will have two hours to complete the exam. Simply schedule the time and date that works for you.


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23 reviews for ISACA® Cybersecurity Fundamentals

  1. Nik Mohamad Farhan Abd Rahman

    I love the Interaction between trainer and trainee during the training. Engaging discussions made learning enjoyable and helped reinforce the material effectively.

  2. blank

    Zipin Chan

    The contents were clear and easy to understand. The trainer’s expertise was evident in every lecture.

  3. blank

    Abdul Azim

    Learned new knowledge on Cyber security topics since I thought cyber is only small scope in certain but when I attend this class, I realized cyber security is one of the top priorities for each global company to have in order to protect their privacy and confidentiality.

  4. blank

    Cheng Lian Goh

    The real life cases been shared that make relevant to the course and easier to understand.

  5. blank

    Nuraini Jamil

    The trainer effort to add easy to understand terminology to explains a topic especially when it comes to technical related methodology, The trainer ensures that trainee are well informed on the critical areas / topics so that I give more focus. Trainer can provide more Q&A, this is how I remember a topic.

  6. blank


    I like Security so this topic is natural to me.

  7. blank

    Tejinder Malhi

    Very clear delivery. Good content – perhaps also good if there is a session on Application security management for Corporate business folks

  8. blank

    palaniappan sockalingam

    the content flow is what I like most about the course.

  9. blank

    Chin Ann Tan

    Happy to see there are practical lab materials. The virtual environment is great. I feel it’s too much detail for a fundamental course. this course is probably suited for the practitioner level. I register for awareness purposes but it seems to be much more than expected.

  10. blank

    Lavakusan Ganeson

    Learning new terms and technologies. The duration – 3 days is too fast to adapt the knowledge.

  11. blank

    Jovana Bozanovic

    The way how Instructor has explained the topics is good. * daily examples

    Keep up with the good work ! :)

  12. blank

    Mahfuzur Rahman

    Lab and content is very good!

  13. blank

    Chin Lean Chan

    Combination of theory and hands on exercise (labs). Trainer should mandate the lab hands on on daily basis to enhance learning experience.

  14. blank

    Daljit Singh Gajit Singh

    Deliver good knowledge on both basic technical cybersecurity fundamental. Very well-executed.

    Would prefer a 4-day course instead of a 3-day course.

  15. blank

    Krisson Tay

    Good foundation course for security. If I could change one thing about this course, it would be to have more practice questions.

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