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Enterprise Big Data Professional


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The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) course will provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of Big Data and related technologies.

Delivery format: Classroom, Virtual-Led & Self-Paced Online
Certification: Enterprise Big Data Professional (APMG International)

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What benefits can your organization achieve with Big Data? How to spot patterns in large quantities of enterprise data to improve performance and find underlying pattern that can benefit the organization? How can enterprises obtain a competitive advantage with Big Data? The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) course discusses the theoretical concepts of Big Data and subsequently applies this knowledge to a real-world case study.

The Big Data Framework provides a holistic and compressive approach for enterprises that aim to leverage the value of data in their organizations. The framework covers all the essential aspects of Big Data that are necessary to understand and analyse massive quantities of data.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) course will provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of Big Data and related technologies. In this extensive program, delegates will learn how to adopt, adapt and apply the fundamental principles of Big Data in their own organization to realize business benefits. The Enterprise Big Data course is the first level of the Big Data Framework course curriculum and certification program, that is globally recognized and accredited by APMG-International. The curriculum provides a vendor-neutral and objective understanding of Big Data architectures, technologies and processes.

The Enterprise Big Data Professional course is a vendor-independent program that is dedicated to applying Big Data best practices towards enterprise organizations. The practical examples from real-world situations will help to gain a better understanding about how Big Data can be used in actual situations.

Learning Objectives

The candidate who meets criteria of the Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) Examination should as a minimum be able to recall, recognize and demonstrate understanding of the theories, design elements, processes and techniques as outlined in the Big Data Framework.

Specifically, (s)he should be able to demonstrate this understanding by being able to:

  • Explain the history and context of Big Data in comparison to traditional data analysis techniques and solutions.
  • Describe the fundamental characteristics of data analysis, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence and the differences between these concepts.
  • Describe how to formulate a Big Data strategy that underpins the business drivers of Big Data and Big Data solutions in order to capture the value proposition of Big Data.
  • Discuss the high-level principles and design elements of contemporary Big Data architectures and explain their core benefits.
  • Explain fundamental Big Data algorithms and processing techniques in order to select the appropriate techniques to solve practical Big Data problems.
  • Identify how to apply the Big Data processes that are necessary in enterprise organizations to capture value from massive quantities of data.
  • Explain key functions, roles and competences in organizations that are necessary to capture long-term value from Big Data.
  • Understand the importance and concept of Artificial Intelligence and its relation to Big Data methods and solutions.

Target Audience

This qualification is aimed at individuals who require a working knowledge of the key principles of Big Data, who need to know the terminology used and some of the theory behind the practice. The target audience of the Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) qualification therefore includes:

  • Data & Business Analysts
  • Digital Marketers
  • IT Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Data Science Professionals
  • IT Managers
  • Developers
  • IT Architects

Exam Structure

All Enterprise Big Data Professional examinations are administered through APMG-International and can be taken either paper-based or online.

  • The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions
  • The duration of the exam is 90 minutes
  • The pass mark is 65% (39 questions)
  • The pass mark for a trainer qualification is 75% (45 questions)

The official EBDP course syllabus and sample exam are all available for download on this page.


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22 reviews for Enterprise Big Data Professional

  1. Peng Chian Kong

    If the duration of the course could be longer, then it will be better.

  2. blank

    Nurul Amira Mohd Sehhuri

    Gave me insight regarding big data. Newcomer to this field. the information and the presentation given was really good and understandable.

  3. blank

    Yeong Han Wong

    Clear and easy understand…. Good learning.

  4. blank

    Zuriawati Zainal Osman

    Very satisfied. Only need for more Introduction to Big Data especially on the process of compilation of Big Dats.

  5. blank

    Low Seng

    First of all, thanks for the trainer to present this topic. What i get from the course is only how to upload and query the data using python. I curious how if a very huge data (eg.1 billions records), how the time taking to process.

  6. blank

    Angelina Law

    Good course, gave me more in depth understanding on what data can do to turn into results

  7. blank

    Jason Lim

    I like that the course covers the important topics and not going too deep into the concepts but the content is also easy to digest and absorb. Maybe in the future we will ‘raise hands’ via MS Teams so as not to interrupt the trainer to let him finish explaining the concept.

  8. blank

    Azzatul Iradah Jamaluddin

    Course requires more practitioner examples or business case.

  9. blank

    Eric Pok Lim Boey

    Happy that we all passed the examination. The course was a bit more harder than I expected. Maybe allocate more time for exam preparation.

  10. blank

    Ravinder Singh Ramday

    This is not a 2 and a half day course. It feels rushed despite the great content. Candidates should be given a day off at least for some self studying and more model questions prior to the exam.

  11. blank

    Nik Keong Sam

    Few things I observed:
    1) Course materials to include page #
    2) Expect to practice more exam questions.
    3) Suggest to have more interactive session when doing the exam questions by explaining the rational of each possible answer to the question.

  12. blank

    Puvaneswaran A/L Suppiah

    Informative course and good instructor. Would want extra days to study for exam :)

  13. blank

    Hasnun Hisyam

    Learned many new things in the course, and would greatly recommend this program. I would only allow more time to study for the exam.

  14. blank

    Omar Qudimat

    This was my first introduction to Big Data, and I found the course extremely useful. Even with no background, I learned the different aspects of Big data. Thanks for letting me participate in this course.

  15. blank

    Vannak Hour

    Good program with good structure. I think, the fundamental is very crucial for everyone and it’s a concept that can explore and setup the data analytics/scientist team in order to help to improve the business strategy that would be impacted to the decision making as well.

    Everyone one always talking about the ML/AI but they are not quite sure what are exactly they came from. After complete this fundamental course, PEBD framework, this’s a principal of building the first step before we reach our target, which is focused on ML and AI in order to be able to help the business for decision making.

    I do believe that we have also many things which are able to do with these things for digital product and Marketing.

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Cybiant offer the following learning options for this course:

Self-Paced-Online Learning - 3 months access
If your a choosing the Self-Paced-Online (SPO) learning option, you will complete the course on your own time, in your own pace. Cybiant will provide you with access to an online learning environment where you can watch videos, and practice with sample questions. The SPO option provides access for 3 months, and includes the official exam.

Virtual Training - 2x2hours per day
If you are choosing the virtual training learning option, you will participate in a live course by a Cybiant instructor, which is delivered 100% online. You will receive meeting invitations to participate in the live lectures through the Zoom platform. There will be 2 x 2-hour sessions per day, so this option does provide you with flexibility to plan some other work. All sessions are recorded, in case you miss any of the session. All virtual training courses include the official examination, which will be taken online on the last day of class.

Classroom Training - full day
If you are choosing the classroom training option, you will participate in this training in a live class in a 5-star hotel. This training option provides you with the opportunity to discuss topics in detail with other course participants, and learn from their experience. You will be trained by one of our Cybiant experts, and will complete the exam on the last day of class. Training is conducted daily, based on the following time schedule:

Start time: 09:00 UTC+08

End time: 17:00 UTC+08


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