Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®)

Responding to change with speed and grace

Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®)


Developed in partnership with the Agile Business Consortium AgilePgM teaches you a disciplined but flexible agile approach to the management of organizational change – enabling you to play a crucial role in ensuring a programme captures its vision.

Delivery format: Classroom, Virtual-Led & Self-Paced Online
Certification: Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®)

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If you are familiar with project management and the concepts involved, Program Management is something similar but yet very different. Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM®) can be defined as a group of different but related projects managed in a coordinated manner which can deliver benefits to the organization. In general, the program manager’s responsibility is to oversee a group of related projects, which sometimes also includes managing the project managers and the team which are within his or her program to ensure the entire program can deliver the expected outcomes and benefits.

Agile Programme Management Overview

The reason why program management is the natural next step for many project managers who are looking to take their project management career to the next level is because the knowledge of program management can be applied to more than just managing multiple projects. It also provides the knowledge for managers to help organization to reach its business goals through managing series of ongoing or new critical strategic initiatives. For example, a program management can also be applied in helping an organization to look for ways to increase its leads, through managing different initiatives such as email marketing, social media, designing landing page, or even help with managing the launch of a new product which involves initiatives such as sales, operation, distribution and marketing. Thus, in order to effectively manage a program to benefit the organization, acquiring the specific Program Management knowledge is important and necessary.

The Agile Programme Management training and certification is based on the Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) Handbook, published by the Agile Business Consortium. The guidance provides program managers and others involved with major business change initiatives with a disciplined but flexible approach to the management of transformational organizational change, allowing for iterative and incremental delivery of outputs and benefits. AgilePgM does not attempt to redefine the fundamentals of program management, and assumes some knowledge of a program management method. It builds on that knowledge to show how those involved in programs may need to think, act and react differently in an agile environment. The benefits of the Agile Programme Management course can be quickly realized by the organization as the accredited training and certification will provide the candidates with the capabilities to:

  • Establish flexible agile programmes that respond to business change.
  • Utilise agile methodologies to encourage successful programme delivery.
  • Actively promote trust and close cooperation between stakeholders.
  • Assist the organization in achieving transformational change faster, at lower cost and risk.

Learning Objectives

In Agile Program Management, the emphasis is on the Agile concepts of empowerment active stakeholder involvement and iterative development and incremental delivery of benefits whilst maintaining the control required to ensure that the program successfully delivers the expected benefits. The Agile Program Management philosophy is guided by five important principles which managers must adopt to ensure a successful outcome of an Agile program. The 5 principles are:

  • Principle 1 – Programme goals are clearly and continuously aligned to business strategy
  • Principle 2 – Benefits are realised incrementally and as early as possible
  • Principle 3 – Governance focusses on creating a coherent capability
  • Principle 4 – Decision-making powers are delegated to the lowest possible level
  • Principle 5 – Agile programmes are iterative and have the ability to contain both Agile and non Agile projects

The purpose of the Foundation qualification is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Program Management guidance to work as an informed member of a Program Team, Change Team or project delivery team working within an environment supporting Agile Program Management. High Level Performance Definition of a Successful Foundation Candidate should understand the key principles and terminology within the Agile Program Management guidance. Specifically, the candidate should be able to:

  • Understand the phases and iterative nature of the Agile Programme Framework and incremental delivery of capability and benefits
  • Understand the roles, team structures, roles and responsibilities within an agile programme as well as aspects of stakeholder engagement
  • Understand the governance structures required and how governance style can affect the agility of a programme
  • Understand the nature of planning an agile programme, the evolutionary nature of benefits and how to structure the delivery of an Agile programme.
  • Understand the management and control elements, review points and processes of an Agile programme.
  • Understand the requirements and outputs of Quality Management in an Agile programme
  • Understand the products required to support an Agile programme

Target Audience

Anyone involved in agile programmes will benefit from the qualification, but it is specifically aimed at:

  • Those responsible for implementing change in organisations
  • Senior business people who have responsibility for programmes
  • PMO Managers
  • Project Managers participating in an agile programme
  • PMO Staff
  • Governance bodies (e.g. financial, strategic, compliance)
  • Programme Assurance
  • Sponsoring Groups
  • Risk Managers
  • Procurement Professionals involved in agile programmes

Exam Structure

The Agile Programme Management Foundation Exam has the following structure:

  • Multiple choice
  • 50 questions per paper
  • 25 marks required to pass (out of 50 available) – 50%
  • 40 minute duration
  • Closed-book


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Cybiant offer the following learning options for this course:

Self-Paced-Online Learning - 3 months access
If your a choosing the Self-Paced-Online (SPO) learning option, you will complete the course on your own time, in your own pace. Cybiant will provide you with access to an online learning environment where you can watch videos, and practice with sample questions. The SPO option provides access for 3 months, and includes the official exam.

Virtual Training - 2x2hours per day
If you are choosing the virtual training learning option, you will participate in a live course by a Cybiant instructor, which is delivered 100% online. You will receive meeting invitations to participate in the live lectures through the Zoom platform. There will be 2 x 2-hour sessions per day, so this option does provide you with flexibility to plan some other work. All sessions are recorded, in case you miss any of the session. All virtual training courses include the official examination, which will be taken online on the last day of class.

Classroom Training - full day
If you are choosing the classroom training option, you will participate in this training in a live class in a 5-star hotel. This training option provides you with the opportunity to discuss topics in detail with other course participants, and learn from their experience. You will be trained by one of our Cybiant experts, and will complete the exam on the last day of class. Training is conducted daily, based on the following time schedule:

Start time: 09:00 UTC+08

End time: 17:00 UTC+08


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