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An integrated ITAM solution


Setting up a proper IT asset management system is one of those basic requirements that a company should have. IT asset management (ITAM) is a set of practices or processes that consists of the financial, inventory, contractual and risk management responsibilities to manage the life cycle of the IT assets, which can positively contribute to the performance of the organization.

However, ITAM solutions can sometimes also be the source of problems especially when a company underestimates the importance of investing in a “proper” ITAM solution, and instead just settle for whatever available solution that they think is “sufficient”.

Without the proper solution, managing an organization’s IT assets scattered over different locations would be extremely difficult. Furthermore, the constant addition of new software or hardware devices and the recurring changes of the industry regulations would mean more manual and long-hour work for the IT team. The other common problem that we see that is often faced by most organizations is the process gaps and complex workflows caused by using multiple ITSM and ITAM tools. Most conventional tools are not capable of providing an integrated solution and thus they require more than one tool to cater to the organization’s needs.

SummitAI Solution

SummitAI’s IT asset management tool has the important features that are necessary to help an organization manage their assets effectively. With the SummitAI ITAM solution, software asset management becomes easy as it has all the capabilities to support the IT team to track the software usage, software variance, software inventory, software compliance and also enables the team to effortlessly handle software delivery management.

Besides the basic ITAM features, to further add value for the organization, SummitAI has integrated Artificial Intelligence technology to automate processes to drive efficiency. Leveraging the benefits of the new technology, the tool can enable automation in areas such as security assessment, usage optimization, RFID inventory management, continuous configuration compliance and patch management.

The SummitAI solution is also able to provide an integrated ITAM and ITSM tool. Although ITAM and ITSM sit within two different IT communities or disciplines, however in many ways, ITAM and ITSM work best when used in conjunction with one another. For example, the ITAM and ITSM can greatly complement each other when it comes to configuration management. With the AI-driven IT service management suite, all the needs of an organization in the area of ITAM, ITSM and ITOM can be solved with just one tool. This can ensure all the information, data and work processes are synchronized.

In summary, The IT team should make certain that they have a suitable ITAM or ITSM system in place. With the right tools, the organization can run it daily operation better and have a complete overview of its IT operation which can help in making tactical and strategic decision to improve the ROI, efficiency and overall productivity of the organization.

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