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How Can Blockchain Technology Secure Your Business Transactions And Automations

By Dr. Ernie Teo

As more businesses undergo digital transformation, processes and documents are increasingly digitized, making businesses vulnerable to data breaches, identity fraud and disputes over document versions. Businesses have to ensure that digital identities can be verified, that records and audit trails are kept, reviewed but above all trusted.

Dr Ernie will share how to leverage blockchain technology in document management and security. Documents and users are authenticated and all actions are recorded in an audit trail, maintaining document history and providing businesses with real-time transparency to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Dedoco gives businesses peace of mind that documents run by business process automations are compliant with rules and regulations, and that their sensitive documents and data are secure.

About Speaker

Dr Ernie Teo is the CTO of Dedoco – a digital signing and document solution with enhanced privacy and security, for sharing and signing of transactions. The solution is an easy-to-use API first document infrastructure that can be adopted across all industries including financial services, real estate and business services. The blockchain application in this solution also allows the tamper-proofing of documents and an audit trail for authentication and validation.

Ernie has over a decade’s experience in economics and technology research. Prior to Dedoco, he was a Research scientist at the IBM Center for Blockchain Innovation, and was involved in blockchain projects covering provenance, finance, transport and logistics. At Dedoco, he leads the research and development of its technology applications. Bringing his experience with enterprise applications, he designed Dedoco’s blockchain applications to allow businesses to tap onto the benefits of blockchain to establish trust with their partners.

Ernie is active in the blockchain community in Singapore, giving talks and seminar both in the industry and at universities. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Blockchain Association Singapore (BAS). He has also published in the area of blockchain and fintech, most recently in the 2018 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering. A pioneer of blockchain education in Singapore, he conceptualized and taught the first blockchain course as a part of a degree program at the National University of Singapore.

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