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Welcome to Part 2 of the Managed Print Services series on Digital Transformation. In Part 1, we look at the definition of Managed Print Services and what one can do to get an idea of the Print Services expenditure and talk briefly about the disposal of the Print assets once we transition.

In Part 2 today, we will explore the cost components (on what makes up) a Print Services within an organization itself. In general, these are key cost components for Print Services provided by Managed Print Services vendors that we need to be aware of and take into consideration when we look at the total cost of investment.

a) “Monthly Rental” Cost of Per Print Equipment

“Monthly Rental” (Typically contract period of 36 to 60 months) cost of Per Print Equipment on-site with a caveat of a minimum number of devices. Do take note of the penalty incurred for early termination of rental as well should the contract period is not fulfilled (i.e., termination of rental with the return of the Print Equipment).

b) “Print Per Page” in Black & White and Colour

One should consider reducing/avoiding print in colour as the cost typically is 3 to 5 times more expensive than black & white. Do consider reducing colour printing as it requires the use of all 4 colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) or call CMYK printing. Do note that the Print per page cost is inclusive of the tonner replacement cost itself; please remember that the more volume we print, the more we will have to pay.

c) Print Device Maintenance and Support Cost

These may include scheduled maintenance for the upkeeping of the devices, spare parts for wear-and-tear items (e.g., printer rollers, scanner arm mechanism, and others), support and travel costs of technical personnel on-site. Again, Managed Print Services vendor may bundle them into the Print per page cost so you may not see them as an itemized item in your monthly invoices. If it is itemized in your monthly consumption invoice, do check if these items are optimized for the maintenance life cycle to ensure print equipment is up keep and avoid disruption to business operations.

d) Project Implementation Cost

When you decide to transition and on board with a Managed Print Services vendor, the project implementation cost may either be bundled into the “Monthly Rental” and/or “Print Per Page” cost itself. Typically, this is a one-time cost, which will involve the on-site design, installation, and configuration of the print devices at your office location during the on-boarding process. The extent of the implementation requires proper planning of equipment placement, system installation, print drivers testing and configuration for applications, servers, and end-point devices.

e) Integration cost

Does the Managed Print Services system require custom-build or have existing out-of-the-box connectors to be integrated into other systems? Such integration includes Active Directory, Exchange (E-mail), Security and others. Again, this is a one-time cost, which will involve the on-site design, installation, and configuration of the print devices at your office location during the on-boarding process.

If and should you decide to change the Managed Print Services vendor after the contractual period, you may have to factor in the off-boarding process (with the existing vendor) on the integration done previously.

f) “Print Services Cleanup” Off-boarding Cost

Also, do not forget to enquire about the off-boarding process of the Print Services as well. It involves not just the physical removal of the Print Devices, but also the “untangling” or “disconnection” of the Print Services built-in/connected during on the on-boarding process. From a security standpoint, do consider a hard drive wipe for all print devices before it is physically removed from your premises. This additional step is necessary to ensure any document that was printed out from the device that is “temporary” stored (Spooled) on the print device hard drive (Yes, there is a small hard drive inside the Multi-Function Printer) while it gets printed is proper wipe clean. Yes, additional charges/costs to wipe clean may be applicable herewith if you are concerned about data security here.

g) On-Going Operation Cost

These include electricity and paper costs which are covered by the business on-premises itself. Most organizations will leave the Print Equipment power on throughout the year regardless of whether it is being used or otherwise. Do consider selecting equipment that can at the very minimum have and can switch to power-saving mode to conserve electricity. Alternatively, only switching on the print equipment when required and switching them off after office hours would go a long way in ensuring proper usage here.


It is important that the Managed Print Service can track and report the individual user/department usage on printing.  This is to create awareness of the cost of print incurred over a period and instil the mindset of print only when required.  It will eventually help drive the Digital Transformation to go “Paperless” and reduce consumption over time.

In addition, do factor in any ICT personnel needed to manage such outsourcing of the Managed Print Services on their related system (including handling the coordination with vendor, fulfilling business requests and requirements, vendor and contract management, system support etc.).


By this point, I trust you have acquired a comprehensive understanding of the itemized costs associated with Managed Print Services. For more information, reach out to Cybiant’s consultants by dropping a quick e-mail at to us.

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