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“Post-Covid recovery” has been a timely discussion across businesses and organizations since early 2022.

The talk focuses on the pragmatic approach of “Get the Basics Right” with People and automation and AI technologies to drive “Operational Efficiencies” over the next 12 months.

Starting Robotic Process Automation journey since 2017, Eric has delivered values to Business Operations through his duties as Business Lead and Developer across various scales (Enterprise, Program of Works to Business Development) in Telecom Customer Services, Project Management, and IT Consulting, Managed and Professional Services.

With Internal and Business partners, he solves business problems via Automation, Data Insights and Agile ways of work.

Over his 15 years in Managed Customer Services space, serving customers from Enterprises, Goverment agencies and SMEs, Eric knows what drives: Customer time reduction, Consistent Customer Advocacy, Practical Cost saving.

Eric holds a Master of Business Information Systems from Australia National University.

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