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Over the last 2 years, we have seen how the pandemic has changed the ways current organizations operate, especially with the adoption of new technology to become more data and digital driven. Even as we move towards the endemic phase, the rate of adoption for digital technology among businesses shows no sign of slowing down. This is because more employees and consumers are now used to working and shopping online.

While many larger organizations are equipped with resources to help boost their digital adoption rate and offer better propositions through services online, other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are finding it difficult to do so. According to a study, Southeast Asia’s digital economy is expected to jump 28% to USD 222 billion in 2022. In order for SMEs to remain relevant and competitive moving forward, the adoption of digital technologies can no longer be optional.

However, one of the key challenges that many SMEs face besides budget constraints, is the lack of knowledge and skills. And this is exactly why one of the government agencies in Southeast Asia is working with consulting and training firms to develop initiatives, plans and communication channels to empower and educate the local SMEs about the Digital Economy.

Cybiant’s services and solution

In 2021, our firm was selected by the government agency to develop the digital transformation playbook to help educate and guide SMEs.

The primary objective was to provide an overview of what digital transformation is about, the related technologies and skills, best practices, strategies to overcome obstacles, and essentially how to kick-start their own digital transformation journey step-by-step with the help of case studies. The playbook helps local SMEs think holistically and strategically identify potential departments and areas that they can work on that are feasible in terms of resources and can provide tremendous business value when executed well.

Over the years Cybiant has refined our implementation and development model to help our clients achieve their objectives. For this assignment, Cybiant adopted the Agile approach to help develop the playbook as there were many different topics and elements to cover that could change over time or as more is learned during the process of development. The incremental and iterative way of working allowed us to deliver work items piece by piece realizing value sooner for the government agency. With each delivery of a chapter or topic, we gathered feedback from the stakeholders and made changes when necessary.

Outcome of the assignment

Cybiant is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to be part of the government’s effort in empowering and supporting the adoption of digital technology to help local businesses. The Digital Transformation Playbook is now being downloaded by thousands of SMEs.

Client’s testimonial

“We would like to thank Cybiant for your exemplary services and support provided throughout the development of this Playbook. Cybiant has exhibited professionalism and subject matter competence that play a major role to the completion of this project. We certainly look forward to work with Cybiant again in the future.”

About Cybiant

Cybiant is an organization that specializes in the development, delivery, and execution of organizational Best Practices – proven methodologies that improve quality and efficiency in modern organizations. Our expertise includes Digital Transformation, Big Data, Automation, Cybersecurity, IT service management and asset management.

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