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Agile Talks Episode 3: Agile Coaching: Insights from a Seasoned Agile Coach

Dilipkumar Kanagaraj, a seasoned Agile coach, brings over 16 years of expertise in overseeing product development and fostering innovation across various roles within organizations. He possesses a profound knowledge of agile methodologies and excels in their efficient implementation to drive organizational efficiency and success.

In this episode, we gain insights from Dilipkumar, a senior agile coach, as he delves into the realm of agile coaching. He discusses the roles and responsibilities of an agile coach, strategies for coaching leadership teams, and sheds light on the distinctions between an agile trainer and an agile coach. Additionally, Dilipkumar shares his valuable experience in spearheading Agile Transformation projects, highlighting both the key challenges faced and the best practices employed.

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